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  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COMember Posts: 3,292 Uncommon

    uhh! I want one ,me me! :)

    A key would be appreciated.



  • CordenCorden Greenville, SCMember Posts: 65 Uncommon

    After reading through the changes since beta and seeing the new classes and the $10 price (Unfortantly, even at $10 I'm going to have to wait until I get my next pay check, really cutting this check close) I'd really like to get to play this.


    I was wondering if anyone had a spare NA buddy key so I could give it a try before I buy, and get to play while waiting for my pay.



  • hcoelhohcoelho Rio de JaneiroMember Posts: 529

    can i have a buddy key ?  I tried the game in beta but back then my computer couldn't handle the game. 

    Ty !

  • lzanonlzanon Winter Haven, FLMember Posts: 335 Uncommon

    Im guessing i may need a buddy key myself , that is if anyone has one left.

  • kidRiotkidRiot Palo Alto, CAMember Posts: 209

    Anyone have a buddy key?  Interested in trying this...

  • RanyrRanyr Member Posts: 197 Uncommon

    Any buddy keys around for this? I'd like to try it out before it goes 2.0 and I won't buy it unless I get to try it out first.

    Thanks in advance.

  • BlackndBlacknd Wat, NYMember Posts: 600

    If anyone has a spare key, I would love to give this another shot without dropping cash on it. 

    Please send it to

    Thanks in advance :)

    .. But in a good way.

  • KebeckKebeck Rouyn-Noranda, QCMember Posts: 323

    I'd like to give this one a shot.. Anyone have a spare key ?

    Thanks !

  • eury2eury2 Dothan, ALMember Posts: 41 Uncommon

    Id really like to give this a go ive asked be4 for a buddy pass but never got one so ill ask again

    I'd really like to try this game please if anyone has a buddy pass let me know

    my Email:

  • GamefunGamefun Mesa, AZMember Posts: 290
    If anyone has a spare buddy key for this game could you please private message me?. I'm looking to try out the game since there are no good mmorpg's out right now. Thank you.
  • ArgahawkArgahawk BydgoszczMember Posts: 85 Uncommon
    Hey everyone!

    Would like to ask if anyone have spare buddy key?  I'm very Interested in trying this as i hear now its quite interesting game :)


    Thanks in advance!


  • Tdogz27Tdogz27 Portland, ORMember Posts: 21

    Hello folks,

    Long term fan of the series here looking for a buddy key. Please msg me if you have one to spare. 



  • GeschaeferGeschaefer Parlin, NJMember Posts: 117

    Somone please send me a buddy key.

    Pm me

    or email me at

    Played: EQ1. EQ2. FFXI. SWG. Aion. WAR. LOTRO. TabulaRasa. Hellgate London. Diablo 1. Diablo II. Diablo 3. STO. WOW. Vanguard. Guild Wars. Rift. Terra. The Secret World. EVE. Guild Wars 2. Firefall. Neverwinter.

  • hamza195hamza195 LosAngeles, CAMember Posts: 7



    I really want to play this game , I loved so much the game play. I'm new here by the way , so if anyone want to share NA/canada


    buddy pass it will be great no...IT WILL BE SOOOOOOOOO GREAT ! ! ! Please. :(

  • zephyrszephyrs San Antonio, TXMember Posts: 27 Uncommon
    Someone PM me a Buddy Pass, please. Thanks
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