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[Desolation] [PvX] Extraordinary Gentlemen [EXG] - International Social Guild

GrotesqueXGrotesqueX AmsterdamPosts: 59Member

  ATTN: Prospective Members!  

We are a very active social guild of players  from all over the world who have been playing together for years. With the appearance of Guild Wars 2 - EXG turned into a multi gaming guild. While we have one team focussing on Guild Wars 2, we have a giant community playing Dragon Nest together. Therefore alot is going on at all times in EXG. We aren't the type of people to give up easily and call it "quits" by throwing in the towel. We won't tolerate PvP tea parties or dungeon mega-NAPs; we play on our own terms, and we have fun doing it.This is not a guild where you'll log in and nothing's going on. We play Dragon Nest and Guild Wars together, We call psychic hotlines and escort services. Even if you're not doing anything in particular, you can always come on teamspeak. This is where we reside and hang out most of the day. In EXG we feel that words can only express so much and that no one has to type full sentences while dodging an angry Minotaur. So we feel that Voice Chat goes a long way to get us to know one another better and to perform better ingame.

 What we have been up to

Coming soon..

  We raid at any time, farming items and leveling up guildies. We treat everyone the same, and we always make sure that everybody is involved. We strive for excellence, and we strive to win. We never lose our goal out of our sight, creating a warm social environment to experience the perfect feeling of Guild Wars. If you can give us your loyalty and the best that you can be in raids and PvP, we will be sure to take care of you and make you a part of our family. At the end of the day, and at this point in the MMORPG scene, would you rather sit in a guild with 100 people, not knowing or caring if you make a difference? Or would you rather be in a guild taking on the odds and making an impact?Up untill now, this is only the beginning. Being a Member of EXG grants endless possibilities. We give our members the oppertunity to grow inside the guild. This means they can get promotion in the ranks. This may vary from forum Admin to Ingame Officer. Due our large community and the high offer of content, alot of things needs to be done. We occasionally add careers inside our crew which helps you develop skills you can apply in real life aswell.   As we have mentioned before, we have alot of content circling around inguild. We have the typical Guild Events customized by our members and our members needs. A large forum with dozends of sections and topics where you can discuss, talk and spam the area. The forum has alot of features to play around with, to keep forum posting interesting. Not to mention our very own Guild Bar called Team Speak where our members reside. Also our website who gets a weekly update to stay ahead of any other guild providing the best content a player and member needs to know.

 Ofcourse we do understand that you might be very hyped about EXG right now. So are we! Due this, we are happily inviting you to our homebase at . Feel free to join the forums and join in our community. Ofcourse, while you are at it, post an application aswell so you can join our community and discussions right away!     

Kind regards, EXG Crew



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