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This game makes me miss some features from Ragnarok Online..

SlheyasSlheyas Posts: 83Member Uncommon

Now, before someone shoots me in the head with a bullet from its fanboy rifle let me say that I absolutely adore GW2, I have 155 hours clocked into the game and I still haven't got a character past level 21 (Altaholic), but I can't help but think about Ragnarok Online (before renewal) when playing this game, why? Because it really makes me miss the way Ragnarok Online handled gear.


Why? Because gear never really became obsolete as you grew up in level, a sword you could drop from a crappy level 5 monster could actually be the best damn sword you need for your build as long as you put the good cards in it (Ragnarok online used a system in which monsters dropped cards, that you could put in your gear for various bonuses).


This is something I miss in GW2, and in MMOs and general. The only good time to work for gear is at level 80, because before that you're just making gear that you'll trash eventually because you'll get something better, it didn't happen in this game. Sure you had to grind your ass off to get what you wanted, but once you had it it was forever, you would never need to replace it ever. I mean those Valkyrie Shields +7 with a Thara Frog card are STILL extremely good, and it's been since forever that you could get them.


I also miss the interesting effects you could gear from cards, and the insane amount of customization they allowed. You had cards with effects such as "+20% damage against element/race/size monster", "+30 damage -1MP with every attack" to things like '' 1% chance to drop a specific item when killing plant type monsters ", "5% chance to freeze enemy on attack (without a cooldown, and you could stack it)'', "Make your element Fire (thus taking more water damage but less earth/fire damage)" it was INTERESTING, I could make a full set of gear built around dropping specific items and it was fun, I could make a whole set of headgears giving me immunities against different status effects or a whole set of boots giving me experience boosts against different types of monsters. Nowadays the only thing we get from upgrades component and armor is plain boring stat boosts and the extremely rare proc with insane cooldown.


And even with all those insane effects from card the game still managed to be relatively balanced and PvP was fun and interesting since you could never know what the other guy would do, sure there were popular build, but then you'd find this guy who had this strange build with maximum attack speed and a dagger with procs lightning bolt that probably wouldn't do much damage but it was fun to fight.


Anyway I'm just ranting here and I guess it's not that much related with GW2 but well, it's the game that make me crave for the good'ol Ragnarok system but ah well, I guess I'll deal with what I have here. It's still fun!


(And before you ask, no I can't go back to ragnarok, I played for like 8 years and I'm burned out of it, and the renewal killed the game anyway, think of it like NGE for SWG.)


PS : Engineer master race, everything else sucks.


  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    Tried RO and yes. Renewal is pretty much NGE. I was shocked when I came back to RO and found all the renewal quests ns tuff.  My head literally sploded into a pile of blueish greenish goo. 

    And yes! we definitely need more special sigils like cards in RO @_@

    As long as it doesnt have OP stuff like Golden Thief Buf (immune to spells iirc)

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  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon

    they have weapon upgrades with interesting effects in this game. like theres a bunch of upgrades that will make you do either a lightning strike, or bleed your target, or something when you do a critical hit. but yeah i do like the fact that in RO some of the items dropped by low level monsters were very valuable that you would include them in your high level builds/equipment. to some extent guild wars does hve this as there are some skins that are low lvl and look unique so you would want to save it so you can trnsmute it to your max lvl armor (culture for instance).


    no RO was not pvp balanced. it had the most op game breaking garbage that was never addressed (vit/def was overpowered, sinx overpowered, certain classes able to tank like 20 guys at once, many of this builds would be horrnendous for leveling you would just get someone to leech you the way through)

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  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Oh...Btw get a sigil of blood lust. Its friggin awesome!

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  • kadepsysonkadepsyson Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,917Member Uncommon
    Ragnarok Online included a trade window.  Guild Wars 2 did not.

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  • CavodCavod Brookfield, WIPosts: 295Member

    Man, I loved RO.  Nostalgia ftw.


    Playing engineer with bombs/grenades reminds me of playing Ziggs in LoL.  Of course it helps that my engineer is asuran.

    We really need separate forums for every newly launched game. There can be the anti-<MMO> one and there can be the 'what general discussion should be' one. All the lamenting can happen together where each can find solace in like minded can't-move-on-ers leaving the rest of us to actually move forward and discuss meaningful and relevant topics.

  • nolic1nolic1 Kingman, AZPosts: 676Member Uncommon

    Ok someone brings up RO and I want to go play but like you all said the Renewl kinda killed it for me to. My main was a Super Novice and I loved it my next one was a Masetro then i had a Ruin Knight but yes I miss the modding you could do to gear but I find that even in GW2 I try too find all the mods I can and being a jeweler I can craft so cool ruins and with armor crafting I can make some cool other things that go into armor. What I like the most about the crafting system is finding the rare recipes from just mixing things I made a sword that has a 40% chance to do electrical dmg on strike and a stun and then my armor has some toughness and crit chance bonus mods with power/presion on it so I am only missing Vitality but I get that from my jewelry.


    I guess its just me my wife got me into farming back in WoW Vanilla and I have not stopped doing it sense. I just love to craft in this game because of trying to find out some of the hard to make recipes that requier you to mix and match so much stuff. My main is only lvl 43 right now but is loaded with mods.

    To me I enjoy gaming I dont play to be uber I play to have fun. If a game is not fun to me guess what I move on and play something else till I find one that is. When I find that great game and not sure if in my life time there will be one I hope it has everything I want in an mmo.

  • SlheyasSlheyas Posts: 83Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Castillle
    Oh...Btw get a sigil of blood lust. Its friggin awesome!


    Ahaha, yeah I need something like that, especially since I'm going for a more mobility oriented Engineer, my damage might take a hit.

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