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The great filter and where to go next

sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member

So, as all the gamers in the community know, and those that got to participate in the Closed Beta; GW2 was an over hype (on a fanboi level) and played out mediocrely. BUT with good results!


Here is why, but first some GW history.


Back in the day when EQ was the main MMORPG and people had no idea what MMORPG stood for as they browsed GameStops isle and saw "SONY - EQ - +10 mmorpg" they picked it up and baught it and dialed up or cable modem into to instant death and cofusion (or they adapted and hard core mmorpg fan is created).

  WoW came out and created a socailly fun wonder land to run around and could appeal to solo rpgers and mass rpgers. And sometimes other sorts of creatures, most notably your 12 year old daughter.


So, inbetween those two realms of death and your 12 year old daughter, GW came out, and wow;  something with humanoind graphics, great 3D rendering and decent rpg game take! Not to in depth. Move from this side of the map to that side. And if you cant, group up. And when you arrive, and are leveled up from the voyage, we have some pvp for you! In fact...that is all we have for you. In fact, we don't care that skills are basic, classes are just combat designed; and we took the Role playing (class support) out and just handed you levels; eyecandy, and pvp. It is the altenative MMORPG (or FAILMANS mmorpg as I like to say), well it is instanced so mmo HUB of villages; and RPG game world; sort of the games we call "action" today like dragons nest etc...


Here we are 2012; And these king comanies are failing. Blizzard outright said; "your buying daiblo 3 half baked, and not to out standard of a good game...but here it is. BUY IT" you baought it, fanbois cried mmorpg killer, and look now, it is quiet land.

  GW2 never announced "revolutionary" this or that. They simply said, we are creating an open world guild wars. Now that means look at GW1; this "alternative" means YOU CAN max level by harvesting. You don't need class support, and the onything moving over one area to the next is a group of random pvp events. Quests are dull and nto revolutionary. DE are the only thing profitable over main story. The focus for jumping puzzles cut the other potential for flying mounts (admited by staff), and they kind of were like, well, we have a following so we wil do it.

  Skipping more excuses lets re read my intro to this thread: I siad It launched and it is a good thing. Why?


The filter effect! All of the 12 year old daughters (non skilled ones) and ex wow bois hopping titme to title; and full believers and QQers, carebares; etc... all have FILTERED out of my current mmorpg and into GW2. I cannot thank Arenanet enough!

Please keep them busy with failman content!


The next step? F2P market is always adapting. The tactic is "take a great feature and saturate the larket with it". So, targetless commbat is picking up. I just got out of EU closed beta for RaiderZ and there was already X1000 potential than GW2 including: Free open combat on monsters who react intelligently to your moves and fall apart; you can pick up their pieces and fight others with it. - Crafting, with plans and materials (not like GW2) - Beautiful graphics, with great story! I used ancient stones to transmorph into an ancient statue thing to fight these baddies in a livign zone. - PvP is epic and rewarding - etc etc... - group feeding. - Class game play (I will admit a little less emphasis on FULL class;) - etc.. Between the two closed betas of GW2 and RaiderZ I was shocked to find RaiderZ blowing GW2 out of water, and not just oppinionatied review but with factuall more living character choices. 

   That is future. The things that exist today that already hav emore content and depth than GW2 is Forsaken World. Hourly and weekly events. Full open world. Class supported groups. etc. etc. just an all around open full package of content. No level cap rush = you level is just a number that vanashes in your mind and you just enjoy the challenges and your class and your character. Its only negative point is that the content has not expanded, but if you schedual the events,there is so much to do and earn that no one would be ready for an expax right now unless they nerfed the leveling curb and goodies drop. 


So.... There its. In summary: Thanks GW2 for acting like a filter. Good in depth games are coming out and others already exist. GW was ok; and has that special mmorpg player feel to it. And GW2 stepped up and took that further. Everyone deserves a home and I am happy the fanbois have theirs. 


  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member

    I forgot to mention; when I got into wow; I never wrote or went to forums. Not even blizzards. I was so Involved in the game there was just no attraction to it.

     I notice now so many threads of GW fanbois here; and in other games. If I go to Vanguard forum; for example; everyone mentiones GW2 at least once. "Oh this game was good, but now that I am in GW2"....


    Really? GW2 is so good that you are trolling Vanguard forums??? LOL!


    Apparently a little problem there in the community. It is like the husband that says he is happy in life with his kids and wife as he downs a his 10th bottle of vodka and will cry himself to sleep. Keep telling yourself that fanbois, 

  • UtukuMoonUtukuMoon ParisPosts: 1,066Member

    I rate RaiderZ as well,i thought it was very good indeed.As for the GW2 filter lol,i could not agree more,decent game but made for kiddies and burnouts.


  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member


  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member
    Originally posted by Ausare
    So what is it like to gi through life constantly insulting people?


    Actually this is a critical analyisis that is taught  in Frehsman and Sophmore level college. I suggest checking it out. 

    In highschool it starts with speech and or debate, but subject matters compared to one group and another are pretty much essential formulas for essays.... I see no insults here but half oppinionated remarks mixed and backed by facts.

    In fact I see X1000 troll threads crafted up here, and in comparison with mine; mine is fairly mild. 

    Truth hurts most people though and they prefer short sentences with

    "OMG th1s game is L33T and Ill play it forever HEART!"

  • AusareAusare adamstown, MDPosts: 850Member
    I see a post with negative names for all those playing gw2. Believe what you want but you come off as a troll by labelling with the titles you used. To really make this thread fail...insert nazi comment here.
  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member

    I was under the impression that Raiderz was simply an CoOp monster hunter not an MMO. If I'm wrong I'm glad, but it doesn't sound like Raiderz has much staying power. Sure, Monster Hunter was a fun awesome game, but those elements got stale quick. I'd say that what could make Raiderz have staying power would be open world PvP with territory control. If that doesn't/won't exist, then the PvP in that game won't have any more meaning than any other Themepark game in the market. GW2's WvW has more staying power than your typical themepakr IMO. 

    But I'm the type of person whos never like WoW's design concept. I bought GW instead of WoW because it didn't have the gear grind tread mil. Many who like GW2 like it for the same reason, others like it because its a quality MMORPG without a sub (that market is huge). 

    What game are you playing though? 

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  • sargey123sargey123 HolonPosts: 102Member Uncommon
    Raiderz ? seriusly.. its just another Vindictus... its old contenet,nothing impressive,the genre isnt even the same as GW2 O_o so it cannot blow nothing out of water,its like saying,okey vindictus has action combat which blows GW2 out of water.. no its not.. its lame ;s and old... Raiders using the same thing and the Cross Edge all this Dungeon Instanced action rpg games... x_x seriusly.. nothing new was told by the OP.. Only opinion that came a bit too LATE so this is old news.. nothing impressive still waiting for some game to blow GW2 out of water.And not in Raiderz I dont see even 1 thing that is done better,differnetly,oh and to tell that nothing to 'amaze me' especially with such linear  graphics...
  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    Locking this, since the entire post is derogatory toward those playing the game and thus, a baiting topic. You have an actual point here that can be made without the insulting language if you choose to try again.

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