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GW2 sales open again, but no resolve to hacked accounts.



  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by jpnole
    Originally posted by kevjards
    Originally posted by aesperus
    Hacking is always going to be an issue. There's no way to get rid of that. While I do hope Anet takes measures to beefen up security (maybe authenticators like everyone's been asking for?), the real issue atm is their customer support. Atm it's just not good enough to deal w/ the issue. Tickets are getting resolved, but it's @ a snail's pace. They really do need to get a handle on this, and soon.

    thats my point..they started selling again which is their right but without sorting the problems with the hacked me it  feel like they just told me to f-ck off..and all the other people who have waited longer than i have i feel even more sorry for them.

    now they maybe not have the problems now that they had before because they beefed up their security,which i applaud.

    my question is why was it so lax in the first place.

    It wasn't their security that was lax... it was yours.

    i dont think know that 11,000 were hacked right..there security had flaws ,like no security question before change of e-mail..and if it was all my problem,why have Anet changed the way they do the security now.i f you read my post properly i said i take part responsibility..i,m not sure if they have an authenticator which just about everyother game has..i have 1 for wow for the wife..sorry m8 but that is basic stuff for an online game these days.authenticator should have been in from the start as well as security questions.

  • chefdiablochefdiablo Barrie, ONPosts: 202Member

    I strongly suggest creating a new email account used solely for any new game.

    I have been using an email address for my GW2 account that is not used for anything else.

    I agree that these companies should abandon the use of an email address as an account name but until they do there is little else an average gamer can do to prevent the problems.

    My email address for websites and my addresses used for gaming are never crossed.

    It is a pain in the ass, but not as much as retrieveing a banned account.

  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon
    oh well Anet got there an e-mail with new pw and account name..awsome..not..does'nt work when i try to log in..guess whats coming next..yes you guessed it..the ban hammer coming the back of the queue i go again..dont know wether to laugh or cry..this is getting ridiculous lol.
  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member
    Originally posted by laserit
    An authenticater is never a bad thing, love the smart phone one's. I'm really wishing and wondering why GW2 didnt release with one. Hope all who have been hacked get sorted out in the quickest manner.  

    Because it won't stop people having their accounts hacked because authenicators can be spoofed. The IP address lock should be enough. The reason its not is because people have had their e-mails compromised. Thats out of ANETs hands. 

    Its likely that digital sales were opened back up because NCSoft told them to do it.

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