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Rangers: rez your pets or don't bring them into battle in the first place



  • GurrmonGurrmon Redondo Beach, CAPosts: 1Member

    Apparently this was patched today.  Pets can no longer be revived.  Read the patch notes:



    • Beastmastery Trait: Instinctual Bond – Now grants 5 seconds of quickness to the player’s pet and can only occur once every 50 seconds.

    • Pets can no longer be revived using the “F” prompt. This is because you can either use F4 to swap pets which will bring that pet back alive or you can wait until you are out of combat at which point you pet will revive automatically. We felt it was doing a disservice to Ranger players to incentivize them to spend a long time reviving their pet when it was a very inefficient thing to do and happened after combat anyway. This will also help clear up “F” to interact functionality.

  • PainlezzPainlezz Laguna Hills, CAPosts: 646Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dibdabs
    Hey, OP!  1)   Real men loot when the fight is over.  It's not like it vanishes. 2)   Swapping pets is elementary. 3)   Blue icon does not equal grey icon.


    Looting after the fight means you'll miss a lot of junk.  WvWvW battles typically move around a lot and running off by yourself to look for loot you left behind leaves you open to a gangbang.  I don't do small time PvP as I don't believe a MMO (Massivly multiplayer) should involve small groups of players doing anything so I don't know how looting works in that.

    Honestly, I think loot should just appear in your bags if some drops.  That way players will focus on the actual combat and strategy over trying to grab every missed bag/token/coin they can.

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,684Member Epic
    Originally posted by rosco
    How many time did it happen to you ? In the middle of a big battle (PvE or WvW) you see a rez icon in front of you, and as you start to rez your teammate, you notice that the guy is actually an animal. 1) I won't lose my time rezzing a pet when even it's master doesn't find it valuable to rez it himself. Is a pet so crappy that you can play with or without it in the same way ? 2) This pet death icon should be different than the player death icon. they are just too different in value. I will rez anyone, anytime, ASAP, but not a pet. I don't even want to lose time trying to discernate if it's a player or an animal. 3) This costs me money and loot too, because I cannot spam the loot key whenever I want in a big fight, since a roaming ranger will sometimes bring it's "rez target" into your action zone, stopping your loot since you might be trapped in a useless rez animation while you just wanted to loot the zone. So you just stop looting for a time, and yes, you forget stuff on the floor. We don't need to see a dead pet on the minimap either.

    It's not the Ranger's fault. Why so hostile to Rangers, They didn't set out to piss you off by putting a dead pet IFO you as a stumbling block.

    Why don't  you go into battle with only one hand equipped with something? That's what you are telling Rangers to do.

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