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RNG in The Secret World, Aion

PalaPala MoonPosts: 286Member Uncommon

Aion's RNG system for enchanting and socketing is driving me insane and I am ready to move on. Could someone tell me if The Secret World has something similar or which mmos should I avoid due to this stupid system?

Some RNG is ok, but making the game so that you have to buy supplements from their shop for real cash on top of monthly subscription is condescening. I am not an idiot and will not do it.

I dont want to start somewhere else and get to this point again. I am interseted in TSW, GW2?



  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Sounds like you should try out the Secret world yes. Never any need to buy things from ingame shop as there is only vanity items there.

    GW2 will likely have a shop you need to spend cash in

  • ShimpoGenmuShimpoGenmu brusselsPosts: 66Member

    Aion RNG is the reason i stoped the game

    and probably 98% of the population,i dont ask to make it easy mode but this is ridiculous.


    the drops are nowhere...i run EVERYDAY for more than 3months beshmundir templ and all i ever got was eternal leather pauldrons for my ranger.


    soclet mana-ench is the other issues....u can have 500+mil kinah and be totally broke without suceed...

    epic fail that is all,no wonder the game is still crap-dead even with 3.0 out

  • sargey123sargey123 HolonPosts: 102Member Uncommon
    GW2 has only vanity shop. there are no things as socketing/enchanting things in the game itself.u always have same armor but can put /change  runes how much ever times u want no such thing as success rate lol
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