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Alpha squad!

SysFailSysFail LondonMember Posts: 375


  • Revy106Revy106 NaganoMember Posts: 36 Uncommon

    Doesnt work always get the message 


    We're sorry, a system error has occurred while processing your request. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you continue to encounter this error, please view our Knowledge Base for possible solutions to your error.

  • SysFailSysFail LondonMember Posts: 375
    Mine went through smoothly, but others are having trouble too.
  • LorkiiLorkii Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 88
    Mine went through without a hitch, was in beta, but I m glad I grabbed this deal, the 4000SC pays for the deal as it is. All the extras is a great bonus. Anyone who hasn t played SOE games, watch any long weekends and random days for SC deals. You can get triple SC here and there, which will just make this game that much better, if you so desire to have all the cool looking things. I can t wait for this release more then any game coming and released in the last few years, and I ve played it a long time now.
  • ironhelixironhelix fairfield, OHMember Posts: 448
    Jumped on this last night. After initially being disappointed, I played around with the settings, remapped some keybinds, and generally familiarized myself with the mechanics, now I am enjoying myself. I see GREAT potential here, and I had some really sandboxy moments running around solo. If the developers can clean this up a little, it's going to be HUGE.
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