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[Column] General: PAX-less

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,982MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Not everyone is cut out for the glamor and magic that PAX Prime embodies and some even have come up with lists why they are glad they didn't have to Scary Booster. See why Scary feels this way and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

I don’t mind not going to events like PAX. Why would I want to mingle with all those developers and fellow gamers in a hot convention center? Why would I want to take pictures of really cool people dressed up in Halloween costumes when I can just wait until Halloween itself and get free candy? Why would I want bags of swag instead of already chewed Charleston Chews? I know, it doesn’t make any sense to want to go to something like PAX. Thank you, but no thank you!

Read more of Scary Booster's Very Scary: PAX-Less.



  • GrakulenGrakulen Staff Writer St. Charles, MOPosts: 796MMORPG.COM Staff Rare
    I like Charleston Chews.
  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Freeze 'em and then whack 'em on a table.

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  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Kenilworth, NJPosts: 339Member Uncommon
    Love Charleston Chews...I went to PAX East for the first time this year and had an awesome time.  I'd love to go to PAX Prime at some point, but all depends on $.
  • AstropuyoAstropuyo Stock, CAPosts: 1,915Member Uncommon

    This had me laughing so hard.


    Because it's true, unless you live near pax or any huge event like this just don't go.

    The cost to get those 50 serial key cards/figurines/chocobaloons with real fairy's in them are way more demanind.


    I still find crappy anime stickers and toys from previous com con/pax events in the ECS.


    I have a problem ok? I hoard swag. I've hoarded it since 1998 and I don't plan to stop...I still have 5 cd's of "Sounds of Slashdot" from ecs 2000.

    As a matter of fact... I have a bunch of pre release burning crusade keys if anyone wants them? Lol.

  • victorbjrvictorbjr Quezon CityPosts: 209Member Uncommon

    I'd like to go to a major gaming convention primarily because I've never been to a convention before.

    The thing that'd really turn me off though would be sexual harassment of other people. :(

    A writer and gamer from the Philippines. Loves his mom dearly. :)

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  • TheeRiverTheeRiver Tinley Park, ILPosts: 2Member
    I have to leave my house for PAX, that ain't happening.
  • scaryboosterscarybooster lincoln, NEPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    It's ok, I'll harass you Victor so you don't feel left out :)

    On topic: I watched GuildCast the other night and Gary explicitly when over exactly why I wouldn't want to go to a convention. He said he almost gaged at the smell. Why do gamers own the smelly, fat, idiot stereotype? If you go to a gaming convention, take the week prior and during to SHOWER!! Plz!
  • toastngravytoastngravy Wizard 101 Correspondent Boop., PAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

  • AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Edmonton, ABPosts: 353Member
    Question: How much is true, and how much is humor to cover up the truth? :P
  • DaggerjaydoDaggerjaydo Puyallup, WAPosts: 121Member Uncommon

    If PAX is just about the video games and swag to you, then yeah it's not going to be worth it.


    There's a lot more to PAX than just those two things, and you'll never know what they are until you're on the third floor next to the escalator playing cards against humanity with your wife, your two best friends, some random guy, and a Male to Female Tranny.

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon
    and what pray tell is wrong with charleston chews?? i dont care about pax other then checking out the next set of games due out.. but fk if they were giving away swag bags of just chews damn fking rights i would go :O fk GW2 or wow 2.0 give me the chews!!!

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  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    lol @ the satire. To the person who wrote this article (and in general), come down to the level of the average gamer. The average person who goes to PAX doesn't get to experience 90% of the crap you listed there. They don't have access to the devs like you do, the devs aren't interested in talking to them and getting to know them and on the rare occasion you get to rub elbows with anyone there's a ~really~ good chance they're pretty low on the totem pole. Contests are like winning the lottery and exclusive information? Not even GW2 info was worth the price I paid on airfare and food while out there, and it would have been more if I didn't get to stay with a friend. But yes, the swag was nice. The shirt materials are cheap as hell but everyone and their mother was giving them out, so I'm still going through them.


    I went to PAX, I stayed for my friend; I had a better time hanging out with him than either of us did with anything we did at PAX. Sure, the first day was pretty awe-inspiring, but we were new to the whole convention thing. By day 2 we realized we spent more time walking around and waiting in lines than actually doing anything and the only time we got to talk to anyone, it was because we were getting pitched a product. Not including the Turbine folks trying to get people to care about DDO in their little corner while GW2 was going on 2 feet away (wasn't the best idea on Turbine's part. It was so empty not even the employees stuck around). We ended up giving our weekend passes away and went shopping in Chinatown instead.


    I'm coming off as a bit of a party pooper, I know, but the sarcasm dripping from the article does so with drool over an experience those without the backstage passes are very unlikely to have. I'm sure it also does so because conventions in general are shrinking, which means lost revenue, so of course, time to advertise! But in any case, like someone else said, these conventions are a waste of time and money unless you already live near them. Even then, it's debateable. You'd be better off just looking at the cosplayers on Kotaku when the pictures get posted. Those of us who've gotten close enough to get bowled over by the BO know it's the better option (not that you can blame them, the convention center really is hot as balls).

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • manfred10101manfred10101 St Louis, MOPosts: 6Member
    one word. LOLS.
  • Sys7emSys7em Edmonds, WAPosts: 120Member Uncommon
  • cylon8cylon8 lodi, NJPosts: 348Member Uncommon
    considering how anti social gamers have become it's amazing anyone attend a game convention

    so say we all

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