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Forgetting answers to security questions :(

bosmer24bosmer24 boise, IDPosts: 115Member Uncommon

Recently i got the itch to try Rifts again.I had a blast when it was released,and seeing how it was still installed on my machine i booted it up.I then go to log in,tried two times,obviously i forgot my password since it's been over a year.No problem.I'll just go and get my password reset.

That's where my problem begins.I get to the password reset page and it wants me to answer two security questions i chose over a year ago.For example  If you could change your name what would you change it to (first and last name) .Now over a period of a year not many people are going to remember the answer they typed in.

"What was your favorite childhood toy?" Are you seriously F'ing me now.I don't remember.It could of been anything from GI joe to Nintendo or RockLords(transformers rip off from the 80's)I put any answer i could in this field with no luck.Unless i could just enter my authentication code somewhere thus negating the password. I heard contacting support is a nightmare.

I guess maybe i should of chose better security questions,but  FFS!


  • tabindextabindex Rancho Cucamonga, CAPosts: 70Member
    Security questions with subjective answers are the worst.  Go with the stuff that can't change like high school mascot, street you grew up on, your mama's middle name, etc.
  • bosmer24bosmer24 boise, IDPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    At the time i wish i would have,but i'd think if those questions were available i would have chose them instead.
  • KeyloggerKeylogger Bumblefuck, TNPosts: 250Member

    Yeah, I lost two accounts to this.

    One email got hacked on my original Rift account - I deleted the email and went with another service entirely, forgetting to change the account tied to Rift, so I used it anyway with no email access for a month or so, then they got hacked and "forced" a password change, which I could no longer do, so...

    Fast forward six months and my seven year old Anarchy Online account and four year old Age of Conan account meet a similar fate - tied to an inaccessible email after some clown decides to force a password change I didn't need or ask for.

  • insideout321insideout321 frankfurt, MSPosts: 71Member
    The few times i contacted support they were very nice and helped me out try it , cant hurt.
  • bosmer24bosmer24 boise, IDPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    Yeah,problem resolved.I called up their customer service this morning.Really helpful,right to the problem and before i knew it i was able to log in.Rumors aren't always true about  customer support
  • BoldynBoldyn PartillePosts: 265Member

    Trion has always gone above and beoynd for me.


    A few months ago I wanted to try to come back to Rift. I know we could play levels 1-20 for free, but I wanted to see what was new for my character, 3 max level ones. I sent an ingame ticket and asked if I could try the game for just a day. They gave me 7 days to play my account, for free.


    In the long run they did benefit, as I did resub and spent atleast 4 months in the game again. But there ain't to many companys out there who seem to look longer than the end of their nosetip.

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