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I cant bring myself to log in



  • andypandyrandypandyr chesterPosts: 88Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by kulhat
    I can't bring myself to log out :)      


    This ...

  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Originally posted by Geschaefer
    A mesmer can stand and take a melee beating just as long as a Warrior or guardian.. (somethings wrong here) Why cant a tank be that and only that,, just a tank,, and why cant a caster be taught a painfull leson when he gets too close to melee range.

    Because Warriors and Guardians are not tanks.

    Everyone has a melee spec and everyone has a ranged spec, everyone. There are no melee or ranged classes in this game. You need to get out of your preconcieved MMO bubble. 

  • sirachsirach , PAPosts: 54Member Uncommon

    That's a restrictive definition of "game" reflecting your preference for a certain type of game.  The term gameplay for what games do in general ought to alert you to that fact.

    There are several different types of gameplay in MMOs to suit different kinds of gamers.  (A famous early MMO designer called Richard Bartle created the famous Bartle types: Achiever, Socializer, Explorer and Player Killer - it's not necessarily the best categorization but it gives you some idea of just how different the things people want out of games can be).  Achievement (competition) is only one aspect of what MMOs offer, and any MMO has to have a blend of different types of gameplay or it risks failure. It just so happens that Achievers are most easily addicted to ladders of achievement and hamster wheels, and most willing to pay for the privilege of being addicted, so their kind of gameplay has been over-represented in subscription MMOs. Not the least virtue of GW2 being B2P lies in the fact that the developers need not be so beholden to the Achiever mindset - i.e. grinding and competition can fall back into proper balance in GW2.


    Good information, I hadn't heard of this, but couldn't agree more. 

  • LytheEmberLytheEmber Roebuck, SCPosts: 43Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by nsignific
    Originally posted by LytheEmber
     (All DEs are zergs...I for one heal others and set up combos and stun mobs, etc.). 

    But do you ask yourself, is it really required? Would your group have failed, had you not healed/set up combos/stunned mobs, etc?

    In all likelihood, no. It's just a choice you made. Like hopping along a cobbled sidewalk avoiding cracks on the floor. It's fun to do, but it's not very useful.

    I'm guessing it comes into play in the harder dungeon modes, otherwise it's a huge missed opportunity, because it does actually sound fun (the support part at least, aoe healing others is mind-numbingly boring).

    To me at least PRACTICING such tactics are required if I want to get better at being a useful team player.  The game is (in my opinion) very much based on cooperative gameply and I love that.  I want to be the best I can be so that others will succeed along with me because if they do well then ultimately I do well.

    And yes I have seen Zergs on DEs (a majority of players are of course STILL in a minority of zones) where players are constantly falling into a downed state.  However, I see less of this happening when I am throwing down buff circles on my GRD or planting banners on my WAR.

    Would we necessarily FAIL the DE?  Most likely not, but it DOES make a difference both for the group and me personally as I know I am contributing the success of others.  It's nice being helpful even if others don't always notice.

    So at the moment it is more fun than useful but that mindset WILL serve me well as I progress through this game both in levels and in more difficult content.

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