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This is a great time for mmorpgs

7star7star SeoulPosts: 405Member

I've seen a lot of dissatisfaction in these forums over the past few months and it only seems to be growing. Is that just my perception or are people complaining here more and more? Other posters have observed that happy people are playing games on not posting complaints here. I have to agree. I've been having a blast with GW2. There's no sub. You buy it and play. That's it. If you get bored, go do something else and come back later. What's not to like about that?


I think GW2 and TSW are really heralding a new era.


I like to come to these forums to find out about games I haven't tried yet, games in development, and just follow some of the more interesting discussions.  


What I've noticed is that in spite of all the complaining, this is the best time I've had with mmorpgs since 2007.  Right now, I have a lifetime sub to TSW, which I'm very happy with because I believe in what Funcom is doing with this game and where they are headed with their design philosophy. GW2 just came out and I am having a great time learning to play that game. I have pre-purchased MoP (I know it's not cool, but I want to see) and I will be giving that a try. What's wrong with Pandas?  


Not only do we have these new mmorpg experiences, there is still Minecraft, Skyrim (with DLC and awesome mods) and Torchlight 2 coming out. 


I have so many great games to enjoy!  


I understand there are no *perfect* games, but come on...look at all the choices we have? Devs are also aware that there is a need for good sandboxy stuff and I believe those are in the pipeline and we will see them start to appear in the near future.


Is anyone out there happy with mmorpgs? What are you playing?


  • Requiem1066Requiem1066 londonPosts: 274Member
    Originally posted by 7star
      Is anyone out there happy with mmorpgs? What are you playing?

    Hmm ... 





    ( different game a day so I will not suffer from the " I'm bored " burnout )


    Looking forward to:


    Heroes And Generals


    Nothing else I have seen atm that grabs my interest 


  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    I'm really loveing TSW. i'm sure GW2 is great aswell i just have no interest in killing orcs as elves (yes i know they are different races Shut up) The genre is really starting to look up. i just hope a new sandbox can be released soon.

    Because i can.
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  • YakkinYakkin irvine, CAPosts: 919Member
    Only GW2 at the moment. I might flit around every once in a while to something like APB Reloaded or DCUO, but other I got nothing else on my radar.
  • Thornz2000Thornz2000 faraway, AKPosts: 135Member

    GW2 is the only MMO I'm going to play.

    I do however enjoy Team Fortress 2 alot as well.

    The pryo is fun for sure.

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  • IceAgeIceAge SomeWhere In .. RomaniaPosts: 1,442Member Rare

    GW2 player here, and I am enjoying it alot! I've been tried TSW in beta, but is...not for me ( /jk on ). I have no interes in killing zombies ( /jk off )  :)

    I will admit that the gender is starving for a good sandbox, and I do hope to see a good one soon, since my first MMo was Runescape. I will also want to add that how in the hell no company "copied" the gameplay from Runescape and add it to a "modern" MMO? 80% from the mmo's tried to copy WoW, why not Runescape too? Or a combination of both? Now can be a 3 some , just add GW2 there :)

    Seriously, a combination of Runescape , WoW and GuildWars 2, would go a looong way !

    EDIT: I may also try FFXIV again when 2.0 comes!

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  • JonnyBigBossJonnyBigBoss Murrieta, CAPosts: 702Member Uncommon
    Please don't bundle TSW with GW2. That game is a joke. GW2 is actually fun.
  • KhinRuniteKhinRunite ManilaPosts: 879Member
    The only MMO I'm playing at the moment is GW2. I still have a copy of RIFT and Age of Conan in my external drive, DCUO from Steam, and I downloaded the SWTOR installer but I haven't had the chance to install  it yet.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    The only MMO I play is GW2.  I'll try the LOTRO expansion quests, once RoR releases, but quit until the next expansion once I hit the level cap.  There's a slight chance I'll finish leveling my bounty hunter alt in SWTOR once it goes F2P.
  • 7star7star SeoulPosts: 405Member
    Originally posted by IceAge
      EDIT: I may also try FFXIV again when 2.0 comes!

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to checking this out, too.



  • NidwinNidwin LuxembourgPosts: 94Member
    GW2 and Warhammer for me.
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