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What MMORPGs are lacking

xikribxikrib Richmond, INPosts: 17Member

I still have yet to find an MMORPG that seriously sparks my interest. I thought Guild Wars 2 would satisfy me, but in all honestly is hasn't.

Now before any GW2 fanboys start raging on me, Guild Wars 2 is a GREAT game. I've spent well over 60-70 hours on it, but clearing zones doesn't cut it, and I'm not very big on PvP.

About all there is to do in MMORPGs seems to be only combat based. Kill this. Defend that. Go retrieve this item/items for me, but OH WAIT. There are things guarding it you have to kill... I'm sorry but I honestly hate that. I really love doing things outside of combat.

To sum it up, what you could say is that I really want is a game like Runescape, but with better graphics, combat, and movement.



  • RecoreRecore Posts: 6,313Member Rare
    MMORPGs are missing the #1 thing that  made them great. They are missing the social aspect. MMOs are now single player games where you only group or talk to people when you have a group quest  to do or a dungeon at a certain level. Saying you can group when ever you want to in a mmo maybe true but if that game is not designed for it then people are not going to do it. I have more things that are lacking but thats my #1
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  • xikribxikrib Richmond, INPosts: 17Member
    Yeah I agree with that 100%. GW2 literally has no one around you talking. You pass by many people but no one says anything.
  • prpshrtprpshrt Clarksville, MDPosts: 258Member
    Yea I here ya. I'm around level 60 in GW2 and still going but there's something missing. It's a great community but I feel like there's not much RPing. Like sometimes in WoW I'd walk into a tavern in stormwind and just saw a bunch of people RPing like it was a real bar. I and others who entered just kinda went along with it. Then there were "guild rivalries" with the RPing and such. Sounds nerdy as hell but if was so much fun. That just no longer exists anymore. Oh well.
  • prpshrtprpshrt Clarksville, MDPosts: 258Member
    Originally posted by xikrib
    Yeah I agree with that 100%. GW2 literally has no one around you talking. You pass by many people but no one says anything.

    Not REALLY. People just chat on map instead. 

  • xikribxikrib Richmond, INPosts: 17Member
    I honestly HATE the map chat in GW2... I like local chat so much better.
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