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So how much money have you spent in the Cash Shop?



  • Whiskey_SamWhiskey_Sam Lynchburg, VAMember Posts: 323 Uncommon
    $0.  That's a mug's game.

    Have flask; will travel.

  • HokieHokie Vancouver Wa.Member Posts: 1,063 Uncommon

    $40 so far.

    Bank slots (2)

    Character slot (1)

    Gems (1400) I think is my current Gem total. Going to hold onto them for awhile.

    Im sure I'll buy 1 more bank slot, I love crafting. And may buy another character slot too.

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  • terrantterrant Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 1,683
    1. Spent 0 so far. Might buy some char slots and maybe a bank slot in the coming days. Maybe.
    2. I call BS on the $200+ range votes. Seriously, no one can be that stupid, right? There's really nothing that much money is going to get you that's worth it for a single month.
    3. Otherwise, the numbes don't really surprise me at all.
  • DrachasorDrachasor Columbus, OHMember Posts: 2,678

    Approaching 2 gold.  I'll be getting an extra 30 slots for my bank first.  I have all this excess crafting stuff I need space for and that doesn't go in the crafting materials section.

    After that I'll buy a character slot.

    I'll probably buy all the bank slots after that if gem prices are cheap.  I plan on avoiding spending real money as much as possible, but I could see tossing 20 bucks at it in a couple months or so.

    Once I get all the bank tabs and at least 1 more character slot, I'll probably spend my gold buying Guild Influence for each guild I have made (each character can make one).  I plan on unlocking all the guild vault options for each guild.  That way I'll have plenty of space.  This would cost I think something like 2.5 gold for the initial 50 slots of a bank and a lot more to unlock them all.

    Hmm, I might see if I can make a character, have him make a guild and transfer ownership to one of my character, and then delete that character.  Unlimited space if so!

  • chefdiablochefdiablo Barrie, ONMember Posts: 202

    I have no need for the cash shop at this point. If and when the time comes I will get more character slots.

    I am enjoying the game a great deal. I am soloing the content at a leisurely pace and honestly the explore and adventure aspect has been keeping me well occupied. I haven't even looked at the cash shop yet. The "grind" is not very hard really, time savers and boosts will just take away from the game for me.

  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEMember Posts: 258 Uncommon
    None, i will purchse character slots with $$ though as needed.

  • ZoyitaZoyita Elmhurst, NYMember Posts: 119
    i have spent 0, why? because i bought gems with gold and bought 5 black lion keys and they never got delivered, im still waiting for them, the customer support havent even replyed my ticket, so im horribly scared  of using real life money if they cant keep up with a good service.
  • NateEssexNateEssex Hoboken, NJMember Posts: 58 Uncommon
    $40--bank tabs across all toons is TOO nice ;)

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  • HyperwolfHyperwolf LismoreMember Posts: 120 Uncommon
    About $100 or so. I like to support great developers.  

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    ~ WC

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