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Level scaling... Kind of a joke.



  • AdiarisAdiaris RomePosts: 381Member
    Originally posted by Jimmydean
    Originally posted by Fdzzaigl
    You are seriously over exaggerating OP, mobs do drop loot that scales to your level and in WoW they wouldn't even be able to hit you while you could 1 hit them with your auto-attack. Yes it's much easier, but not to the level that you are suggesting.

    I wish you could log onto a character that is actually level 80.  I literally press 1 button, 1 button. It kills whatever I'm tagetting and hits in a cone aoe. And like I said, after a couple hours of going back in time to do level scaled content, I've yet to see anything anywhere near my level drop. 

    100 blades is the problem, not the level scaling

  • SysOpPsycheSysOpPsyche McHenry, ILPosts: 103Member

    Originally posted by Jimmydean
    Ok so I recently hit level 80. I finished up my main story quest minus the dungeon boss at the end.I enjoy exploration, so I decided I'd go back and explore all of the zones I missed on my way to 80. I figured with this amazing level scaling system, these zones would still provide challenges and I'd get to explore.I was half right. You can definitely go back and explore zones, same as you can in any other game. Where I was wrong was thinking it would be any challenge at all. I have yet to find a mob, Veteran, Champion, Group Event, or otherwise that isn't absolutely demolished by Hundred Blades even though I am scaled to their level. I literally feel like a level 85 running around in the lvl 10 zones in World of Warcraft demolishing everything in my path. So I ask, what's the point of level scaling?  Events give about 2k xp, compared to 18-20k at my real level. Items that drop are based on the zones level, not yours. The only events that I know of to have scalable loot are the later on dragon meta events - The Shatterer, etc. 

    Most loot is scaled to the level range of the zone [usually the trash loot] with reward and some random loot being at your level (though skinned according to the area) thats usually high grade loot.

    I haven't noticed a significant difference in experience gain at level 50 in low level zones versus zones at my level. The challenge is typically greater in zones my level though, depending on the 'lay of the land'/zone map - ie. if my setup works well against the type of mobs and situations I'll encounter then I'll do well (and this holds true even when I go into higher than my level zones) whereas if my setup doesn't mesh with the zone well I'll do badly regardless of level of the zone.

    For me the leveling scaling makes 'Level' largely redundant in gameplay but still present as 'progression' [kind of like achievement unlocks and that].

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