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What killed this game for you?



  • ariestearieste toronto, ONPosts: 3,308Member Uncommon

    What killed it for me was this:


    I never expected the mechanics to be very good or the world particularly well made.  What i DID expect was for there to be a good story.  The fact that the story in TOR completely sucked and made no sense whatever is what finally killed it for me.  Given what the game was, I would have forgiven everything else.

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  • darkhalf357xdarkhalf357x Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,188Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by KissThaRing
    The point of this thread is not to bash EA or Bioware, but to focus on why you quit this game. I want to hear from players that actually played the game and got to atleast level 40 or so, and did some pvp and maybe some end game raids. I want to hear from real players, not the guys that are just trolling this game because they hate EA or just want to see the game fail. So what is about the game (not the company or developers) that you hated the most? What was the "breaking point" for you? For me, it was mainly pvp. 1. Gear. Gear, gear, gear... the gear in this game is stupid. Those that have the greatest gear, win. In SWG, there was many moments where I would be out-buffed but because of my wits, I would win a 1v1 battle or even a 2vs1 battle simply because I knew how to play my class and would outwit people. I can't count the number of hate tells I would get from Jedi (post-NGE, of course) accusing me of hacking because I would punk them as BM/Mando with only a row of buffs, while they had two rows of buffs. It was a great feeling to be able to know that a class was only as good as the player. In TOR? None of that. If you have augemented WH gear, you win. Every time. Breaking point for me. 2. Stun Wars. Stun, knocked back, pulled, froze, choked, lifted, grappled.. OMFG, the second you start a war zone and go the objective point, you are greeted with which seems like an infinite amount of crowd control. I have NEVER played a game with so much damn CC. It's so ridiculous, how can anyone see this as fun? And why does EVERY class get godly CC? Where is the specialization? There should be a class devoted to CC, instead everyone can annoy everyone at all times. It's just not fun. Period. Breaking point. 3. Soul. No soul, nothing memorable at all in this game. Everything from the story to the way your armor looks, is just generic and bland (speaking of armor, why can't I change the color? Really? 2012 and no color options for armor? Come on man! Get with it!)  And the voice acting...oh yes, the almighty voice acting.  Okay, tell me this: since when was story telling narrating and holding your hand through every damn quest? I dont WANT YOU to read me a BOOK!  I want to play your game, not sit through cut scene after cut scene of some shmuck telling me everything! Wheres the mystery in that? Look at Chrono Trigger, or FFIII / IV, great story telling, no voice acting. No long narration about some crap that doesn't matter. The best story games have breif and to the point dialouge that means something! All the dialouge in TOR is garbage, and none of it really means anything. Theres no humor, love, soul.. its just "We have voice actors so sit through 100+ hours of this guy rambling because we paid money 200 mill to have this done!"   Those were the top 3 breaking points to me. This doesn't include the billion minor annoyances from World level design (Would love to kick the guy in the nuts that designed Belsavis) to the awful, god awful loading times. In conclusion, TOR was just a giant disappointed. So what was it for you? I'm interested in hearing what killed the game for you. Again, I'm looking for people who actually played and perhaps even enjoyed the game or what it was.

    I couldnt make it to level 40. I stopped at Level 28 on Nar Shardaa.  What killed it for me was the repitition and lack of a explorable mode or world.  By the time I reached my third planet I had become tired with the 'listen to story + kill mobs + grab loot + fight boss'  Rinse. repeat.  Defeating the pirates or whoever were on Nar Shardaa started to become eerily similiar to fighting the rakghoul.  Different planet. Different setup. Same gameplay.  What else could I do?  I had space combat - but essentially it was a shooter. I had lagged behind the people I was playing with and at that time the planet (or my server) was nearly completely empty.

    Combat became staid with the same run to mob. rotate hotbar.  In essence it wasnt fun anymore.  It didnt feel like Star Wars other than the fact that I had a light saber.  Wasn't enough to keep my interest.  The sub was also another big component as I didnt feel I was getting my 15 dollars worth.

    Strange enough, I will go back when it goes F2P... mostly because I dont have the (feeling of) the necessity to play to get return on value for my 15 dollars.

  • AntharaAnthara CascaisPosts: 75Member

    I go with what should be the main priority of all players... gameplay.

    Its unacceptable the ability lag the game had/have at launch and Bioware and fanboys keept saying it was my computer etcs.

    Pressing a keybind 5 times, respecting the global cooldown beetween each press of a key, avatar starting the animation each time and canceling at midle of the cast was just to much for me.

    If abilitys don't work, means a lot about coding/programing... whatever.

    Loading screens everywhere. And seriously. Orbital stations? Really, can someone make me a draw so I can understand the concept around it?

    Dead world... no npc life, no wild life, no sounds no nothing. You could stand near a waterfall and ear no sound at all.

    I enjoyed a lot of the lvling and story, but the core stuff broke all my imersion and respect for their coding and design competence.

    Costumer service = Zero, non existant, or completly unprofessional.... amatours, thats wat they are.

    I can deal with games that i didnt liked cause of concepts i might dislike. But terrible coding i can't stand. I understand people cant enjoy all games around, but at least make them WORK so I can try a future new game of same company.

    <--- Not buying any Bioware game again ever.

    ...not even if its a proven wow killer, I already payed for all games they might release in the next 20 years by giving 60 euros for this piece of spited crap.

  • defector1968defector1968 Nar ShaddaaPosts: 428Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Bardus
    Originally posted by defector1968
    too much unbalanced classes and i HATE th BoP in items, and swtor had too many BoP.   but plz dont say that the game ends after hitting 50 and forced to reroll alts. NOT a single 1 MMO has unlimited lvls and NONE stop at the lvl cap, ALL MMOs after lvl cap have heroics, instances, raids.

    Yes but how many times can a person do those same heroics, instances and raids before they cant take it anymore? I think the game ending after 50 thing is the lack of diversity. TOR simply has none at all. After level 50 there is nothing at all to do but to do it all again.

    The game doesn't allow us to be in a mood for this one day and a mood for that another.

    All MMOs are same, after lvl cap, u forced to do heroic, instances, raids. collections, achivements rolling alts. The ppl that say arent game after lvl cap, they will keep say it for all their MMO they will play simply cuz all MMOs are same. Boring or not arent u bored doing the same in wow? in swg ? in eve ? in eq ? same old story

  • rdrakkenrdrakken Gotham, FLPosts: 426Member
    A single player story does not an MMO make...I can get as much MMO from playing unreal tournament online as with SWTOR.
  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,031Member Epic
    Standard theme park gameplay...i'm sort of done with it.

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  • ZenIrishChaiZenIrishChai St Louis, MOPosts: 527Member Uncommon


    Nothing killed it for me, yet. I just didn't feel like paying a sub for it since most of the genre is steering away from that model. I'm enjoying GW2, D3, and looking forward to Torchlight 2, on top of having dozens of other games I haven't played much because of MMOs and ARPGs. So I have plenty to keep me busy until any MMO I like goes F2P, and SWTOR is one of 'em.

  • SuperDonkSuperDonk Vancouver, WAPosts: 759Member Uncommon
    The complete destruction of my favorite class - smuggler (unless I want to be a healer, and I don't)
  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,930Member Uncommon

    Actually it was a detail. Being a Bioware fan since Baldurs Gate, I was totally set on wanting to try this game.

    But then I got blocked from the official forum. Twice. First time I bothered to get a new password. When my password was invalid AGAIN, I thought: hmm, this is a sign. If they cant even manage the forum that well, how will they manage the game ?

    It was also other details. They had no offtopic subforum, so you couldnt chat in this forum about anything, like in the old Bioware forums. The discussions in the forums were pretty uninteresting. People defended any decision of Bioware no matter how obviously stupid, like dark and light side classes are basically carbon copies of each other (most obvious funkiller ever). Also, Bioware claimed plenty things of which I couldnt imagine how they would actually manage to do that. Like this oh so wonderful crafting that however was never really described that was supposed to be really everything at the same time, but they didnt said how they wanted to archieve that.

    I read through some of the stuff people wrote after the SWTOR release and at this time it was pretty obvious that Bioware had failed. They had created a relatively shallow WoW clone in the Star Wars setting. Yes a lot of storytelling content was available - but not enough differences between them that you can play different class stories and actually enjoy them again. So even the storytelling component was a disappointment. The PvP was a total failure, despite so many people from other, well designed PvP MMOs. All in all SWTOR has pretty much copied WoW and assumed that would lead to an automatic success, but they mostly simply copied WoWs shortcomings this way, without getting its strengths.

    Its pretty sad. Had Bioware followed its old rules (a) make a game you want to play yourself and (b) its done when its done, this failure wouldnt have happened. Well I guess maybe they even followed (b), but they definitely didnt followed (a).

    I wonder if Bioware will ever do another MMO.

  • Entris38Entris38 Somewhere, OHPosts: 394Member Uncommon
    I had a blast with this game up until I completed my first toon, took my time and enjoyed everything(which unfortunately is very little). I tried several new toons, but this game just had zero replayability for me.
  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    I didn't like wow

    Realised I was playing wow in space, even down to the stupid little mail boxes - IN SPACE!. Only worse, it was more job based, more corridory, more linear and had soulless barren "worlds" that were stuck in time and populated by manequins
  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Star CItyPosts: 294Member

    Game felt like a single player game in a sorta MMOish setting.

    Lack of social aspect.

    Oh and ofc the lack of speech bubbles.

    SWG pre cu > SWTOR

  • games72games72 Austin, TXPosts: 31Member

    You definitely hit the big ones and after reading this thread, I remembered a few more.  Basically it didn't feel like I was in a "world" with life.  I only played the open beta until about level 15, got my ship, and was so excited to go on a "grand adventure."  Turns out it was Biowares adventure, not mine.  

    I remember making a friend and playing a bit, then telling him, "you know, my story isn't that great."  And he replied, "Everyone loves the agent story and all those people can't be wrong."  That's when I finally stopped buying into the excuses/hype and just realized the game had no "fun factor" for me.  And the stuns... good grief I hated the stuns... and my millionth game of huttball... I didn't like that awful idea/map after the first game...

  • Byne25Byne25 Savannah, TXPosts: 41Member
    Originally posted by Paddyspub
    For me it was 5 main things that ruined the game for me:   1:   The stale, lifeless, dull worlds (no day/night cycle, weather, swimming, wildlife, moving-active npcs,etc) 2:   Lame race selection at character creation screen (Star Wars IP and BW just has mostly humoid races, what???) 3:  Basically 2 types of quests that got real boring, real fast (kill x mobs, and collect y items). 4:  A cutscene for every damn quests, sorry that is ok for like, maybe the main class quests, but after about 10 quest scenes, I spacebared every one because I didnt care) 5:  Excessive load sceens.       This game made me wished I played SWG back in 2003-2005. :(

    Yeah man agree with all you said. I did get to play SWG back in 2003 and man it was a wonderful game. RIP SWG :(

  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member

    The removal features we had in beta to launch that they couldn't fix.

    To easy of a game. You can two many all the instances at lvl.


  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mattic65
    As much as I liked the game, especially the story, I couldn't deny the fact that I was paying a sub for what essentially felt like a single player game. Yeah sure, there were Flashpoints to group for, but most of the other content you could easily solo. This would have been awesome as a single player console/PC game, but the wasted potential of this MMO left a sour taste in my mouth.

    I feel if the budget the got was put into a singleplayer game it might have become one of the greatest games.

    For a MMORPG the graphics look very good, for a singleplayer game the game looks somewhat dated, imagine the budget how amazing the game could have looked as a singleplayer game.

    I hardly PVP in MMORPG (got other genre of games I enjoy PVP allot and in my opinion do PVP so much better then what we see in MMO's) What I do find funny is people complaining about things when they also explain how they could overcome it. Example OP's complain about pvp gear quote"If you have augemented WH gear, you win" I mean he seems to know the solution yet still complains, don't understand why?

    I must say I am enjoying the game, got the game 2 months ago at the F2P till lvl 15 offer, and bought the game cheap at 13.99 € even bought a 60 day timecard which was 50% original price. BUT!!!! I aint enjoying the game as a MMORPG and have put a different mindset on when entering SWtOR. The game is far to limited for a MMORPG for my taste. But as a game in general, or as I see it like a combat co-op game it aint bad and it's keeping me entertained while playing.

    But there isn't a momment when playing when I think to myself "why haven't they put allot more different races in the game instead of all the humanoid types, why isn't the gameworld more open, why does my personal story doesn't feel unique when seeing other players around me talking to the same NPC which have given us all the same tasks"

    But really the best thing to do or try is NOT thinking it's a MMORPG, I know I often have to tell this to myself and try to not think of all the things I feel makes it a MMORPG and it makes the game allot more enjoyable.

  • tixylixtixylix gfff, TNPosts: 1,262Member Uncommon

    The world.


    It was heavily instanced, zoned up with a shit ton of loading screens, planets were linear levels, not vast open spaces to explore and world PVP doesn't exist. I also hate fleet stations, they turned the game into Guild Wars or Phantasy Star Online, while the cities sit dead. Oh and the worlds feel lifeless and dead, npcs don't have voice overs outside cutscenes, ambient sound is missing and npcs don't roam, just stay in one spot.


    Shame because I loved the combat.

  • KuinnKuinn MestaPosts: 2,072Member Uncommon

    I think the game was good as long as I had a class with good personal story and as long as I could be arsed to run the same linear path on other chars when doing their personal stories.


    Since Ilum wasnt working, and rest of the content, the mmo content, was pretty much in line with stuff that I had already gotten somewhat bored of in other games in the genre, there was a clear feeling after being done with the story bits that this was it.


    I still feel it's not a bad game, it's just way too linear and restricted for a long term mmorpg commitment. I'm only lvl32 in GW2 but for the comparison I think the SWTOR personal stories, at least on the classes that I played, were a LOT better than the GW2 story parts that I've experienced so far.


    But what's more important considering these games are mmorpgs, is that I dont really even feel like doing the story in GW2 since I'm having a huge urge to explore and have fun running around in the world. In SWTOR it was the opposite, the personal stories were the main motivation, and they do end at some point. Not to mention I couldnt really explore and run around since the path was always so narrow and directed, not to mention when you were done with an area, the area became quite useless like in most themeparks.

  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAPosts: 645Member
    The game felt 99 percent instanced, 1 percent open world to me. bad engine too.

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  • TardcoreTardcore MinskPosts: 2,325Member

    What killed this game for me?


    B I O W A R E


    Nuff said.


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  • MargulisMargulis Glendale, AZPosts: 1,614Member Common
    The lifeless / static world. 
  • ShimpoGenmuShimpoGenmu brusselsPosts: 66Member
    like it or not swtor has the best lvling pve and story than any other mmo to date but the endgame and pvp n ellum was a joke
  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member
    Its utterly soulless lack of creativity or good ideas.  From the ground up, the way everything was done by the book, whether it fit the Star Wars theme, or not.

    When I want a single-player story, I'll play a single-player game. When I play an MMO, I want a massively multiplayer world.

  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ahnog
    You assume the game has been "killed" for everyone. You are wrong. There are many who love the game as it is, and hopeful for the future of the game.

    He assumes nothing. He's not making a statement. He's asking a question to a very specific group of people. His first paragraph describes, in specific detail, exactly the people he's hoping to get feedback from.

    Did you even read the OP?

    The thread is obviously not directed at those who like the game and/or are still playing it.

    The only assumption one would have is that people who did leave the game would come and give their reasons - which is exactly what people have been doing 'til you came along.



  • sleepr27sleepr27 LisbonPosts: 102Member Uncommon

    I still love the game because of the story aspect and also because it's star wars. But what made me quit the game was:

    - All my guildies left so i pretty much played alone for a while.

    - The static world, it doesn't feel alive like for instance WoW or GW2.

    - The loading screens were driving me insane, i know it's alot better now but still not good enough.

    - The time bioware took to release new content/improvements.

    Overall i think it's a good game and i'll be back to it once it goes F2P, but i still can't help to think that  it could have been so much more if it was in the right hands. :

    Hopefully if Bioware decides to make a Mass Effect MMO they do it right.

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