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EST Guardian-Greybriar. Casual Guild with Adult Atmosphere

PoachinatorPoachinator Mystic, CTPosts: 80Member Uncommon

Dawn Of Ascension is a new start up Guardian guild on the Gerybriar Server. We will focus on both PvE and PvP. Once we learn more about the game we can elaborate a bit more on that. But for now, know that no matter what your play preference, you will have people that want to have fun and participate in the same area(s). What we are looking for is players who want to experience the game as it comes to them. Since we are basically just starting here, newer players are of course welcome and any vets who might want to help out would be greatly appreciated. We would also like to start as the game was meant to be played as it released, i.e doing the original Tier 1 and 2 dungeons, moving on to Greenscale's Blight, Hammerknell and then Infernal Dawn. 

Typically we will run things on an EST schedule and are looking to recruit an adult type of crowd who like to kick back and have fun. Essentially our play times are early evening to late eveing during the work week and pretty much all day/night on the weekends. Often we sit on vent, and it can be colorful at times, and socialize while playing or just surfing the nets. Currently we are leveling new toons and are in Gloamwood and would be happy to run groups to hunt rifts and do dungeons as we progress through each zone.

While we do not at this time, have an official Code of Conduct, there are some basic principles that will be enforced: 

* Treat each other well. While everyone is here to have fun, just remember in the end that there is another human behind that computer screen and they shouldn't be treated like they are less than you are.
* Don't take words or deeds to heart. In the heat of battle people tend to let the expletives fly. Words like noob, gay, **** and acronyms such as FFS and LMFAO have become staple terms in the MMO world and are not meant to be offensive to you personally. If however, someone takes it above and beyond that, bring it to an officer and we will help you.
* If you have any problems, come to an officer. We'll help you find a solution. Better to get it out in the open then to let it fester until you blow up. 
* Have fun! And remember, it's just a video game!
If your interested shoot me a PM, or contact any of the below toons in game.
Thanks All!


  • PoachinatorPoachinator Mystic, CTPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Still searching for like minded folks to join us! Got about 15 active members so we are tight knit community building to do more!

  • AdelbernAdelbern Philadelphia, PAPosts: 85Member
    I'm thinking to start playing Rift alongside with GW2 and I'm interested in your guild. Played Rift at release for a month casually till level 35 but will start fresh at level 1.
    Let me know if your guild is still active so I can start on your shard.
  • PoachinatorPoachinator Mystic, CTPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Yup we are still very active. Looking for some DPSers to be honest! We are very excited to start Raid Rifts and 10 mans very soon, and hopefully get into some 20 mans before the expac. Look me up in game.


    Gung or Gungaden.

  • AdelbernAdelbern Philadelphia, PAPosts: 85Member

    I will install Rift tonight so see you then.

    I played as healer back to release, what is the best DPS currently?

    Bought the year sub plan with free expac :)

    Active Time Remaining: 365 Days  


  • PoachinatorPoachinator Mystic, CTPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Still Recruiting! We have mostly all hit 50, with a few others on their way. Looking for new and old members that are interested in being a part of our community. Currently we are working on clearing 10 mans but would like to start GSB once we bolster our numbers. If raiding is not your thing, that's ok! We often run experts, throw together raid groups to close expert and crafting rifts, run around zones taking part in planar invasions, and do instant adventures!


    We are a EST friendly guild. We plan on doing scheduled raids during the week starting at 7PM EST and ending at 10PM EST. Postings will be on our website for scheduled raids, but we also run impromptu 10 mans when applicable. We are now currently using Mumble and it will be required for raiding.


    Swing bye our website, add a reply here, hit us up on the guild finder, or send a whisper to one of the following members of the guild council if interested!



    Guild Council:




  • PoachinatorPoachinator Mystic, CTPosts: 80Member Uncommon
    Expansion incoming on 11/13! If that trailer didn't make you moist or give you a broner maybe we can! Still looking for more members to join our crazy crew!
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