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Possible Easter Egg?

KokomoblKokomobl SheffieldPosts: 153Member

Okay so in BloodTide Coast

 Theres a pirate cave called Moriarity's Hold Inside this cave theres a guy called Captain Penzan,  Now I'm not too sure but the guy starts to sing alittle song about being a Major General and the way he sings it totally sounds like.

The Pirate Movie - Modern Major General

Thought it was pretty cool if they are related.


Nothing major though! something to think about.



  • blix2006blix2006 interlachen, FLPosts: 311Member Uncommon
    idk..only easter egg i found so far is the mission "cant stop the signal"which pays homage to firefly:serenity ...amazing series btw short lived :(
  • DrWookieDrWookie Portland, ORPosts: 261Member Uncommon
    Just so you know....that song is from Pirates of Penzance, a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. I have no idea what the pirate movie is, but it most surely does not originate from it. Its from the late 19th century.
  • TheAestheteTheAesthete Philadelphia, PAPosts: 264Member
    I noticed Captain Penzan too. The bookcarts in Divinity's Reach are full of pop culture references. The first one I clicked on mentioned something about a giant turtle, an obvious Discworld reference.
  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon
    You mean you haven't found the Alice in Wonderland type heart quest in the Sylvari starting zone?  Or the Goonies hidden jump puzzle in..I forget the zone, hilrathi possibly.  Also, a nod to the Wizard of Oz  over there in Timberline Falls.  I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg.  
  • MeowheadMeowhead New Carlisle, INPosts: 3,716Member Uncommon

    The whole sylvari starting zone, a lot of their early story, and a heart are totally a homage to Plants Vs. Zombies.

    I mean you're plants.  Putting down plant turrets.  To fight waves of incoming zombies. :T

  • That's pretty clearly a reference to the Pirates of Penzance musical.
  • ArakaziArakazi OxfordPosts: 911Member Uncommon

    There is a pirate that sings 16 men and a dead man's chest from Robert Louie Stevenson's Treasure Island during one of the story Quests. There are also a few Alice and Wonderland, Snow White and - I've been told a few other Grimm fairy tale references.

  • TechleoTechleo Grants Pass, ORPosts: 1,984Member
    Anyone notice the Asura bots who start humming daft punk. Funny as hell!
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