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Oooh[girl] – Vabbi: A LGBT-friendly guild

GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member

If you’re looking for fun and friendly folks to play with—people who understand that this is a GAME and not a LIFESTYLE—then Oooh[girl] is for you. Whether you’re involved in pve or pvp, casual or hard-core play, or playing one hour or fifty per week, our guild’s motto is: This is just a game. Sometimes a silly game, sometimes a competitive game, but always a game, and always fun. If the name made you laugh, this is probably the guild for you. :)

Oooh[girl] is currently located on the Vabbi server. One thing you may (or may not) know about GW2 is that you can join multiple guilds, even on a different server. So, while you and your friends may be in a guild already (on Vabbi or someplace else), you can also join Oooh[girl] and have a “chapter” on your server. When the “guest” feature goes live (soon!), you’ll be able to join us on Vabbi for sPvP, dungeons, and raids, without having to actually transfer your character. Or you can just transfer to our server (character transfers are still free for a limited time).

Either way, we’d love to have you! Send a message or mail in-game to Oneth Rha or Kthukludan.2476.

One last thing: Oooh[girl] is a predominantly LGBT guild. No, you don’t have to be gay to join it, but you do need to be gay-friendly. We’re a social guild with a very social play style. As with any social environment, people tend to become friends and sometimes talk about their personal lives, either in guild chat or on Vent. If you’re not comfortable playing with gay guys and gals, you frequently call people the “f” word while playing (the six-letter one), or just plain dislike gay people, we’re probably not the best fit for you. That having been said, we’d love for you to check us out!

See you in-game!


  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Just a quick bump, and to let everyone know that if I’m not online, you can send an in-game email to me, or you can try messaging one of our other officers, Fyretamer.
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