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TERA: Server Merges Incoming



  • fahadjafarfahadjafar ChittagongPosts: 44Member
    why use multiple servers in the 1st place? use one mega server, it is easier to handle and much more cheaper than having 10 different servers online.
    if goes free to play i play it


  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

    Where some might look on this as a negative, I feel differently. By combining our servers, we facilitate a more unified community and give players a more full, alive world where finding groups, locating rare items (for lower prices!), and getting into dungeons quickly are the norm. Most importantly, combined servers will allow us to run more regular, player-focused events where we get to interact with our players. You can find a link to our detailed FAQ regarding this process at the bottom of this letter. It will be updated further as we get more information.

    So that's why my "Blatant Damage Control" detectors were going off.

    I love when PR goes with that angle. "Oh, it's a good thing that we're merging servers! This way people find a more lively and vibrant community with more people to play with!"

    What they should really be saying: "We failed to make a game that would attract or keep enough players to keep all of our servers lively and vibrant. Some are verging on being ghost-towns. We have to consolidate servers in order to cut costs and bring more players together in one place in hopes they'll be tricked into thinking the population has somehow increased and the game is doing better than it really is".

    NCSoft used almost that same exact reasoning when they started merging L2's servers. They didn't fool anyone either.


  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rdrakken
    But but has DODGE so why dont more people play?

    Because getting one thing right that people want, while failing to do several others is never the recipe for success. TERA's action combat is a nice twist and a lot of fun. But it's not enough to carry the whole game.

    Interesting gimmicks and  unusual design choices might sell a game initially, but they'll never maintain it if the rest of it is lacking.

    I wish some of these companies would get the hell out of the MMO genre altogether, and hand it back over to the companies who made it great in the first place. Those were MMORPGs. What we have now is a mess of developers who don't get it trying to shoe-horn single-player and console-like concepts into a genre that was never designed around them.

    They're taking a genre that has always been about ongoing adventure - a long-term hobby, not a short-term distraction - and are trying to make it work by shoving all this short-term, quick consumption, rapid progress gameplay into it... and then wondering why they're not doing well after the first few months.

    This whole post-WoW mindset of "MMOs are all about the end-game" is entirely contrived by players who are trying to apply their offline, single-player playstyles to a type of game that does not fit it. MMOs were never "all about end-game". Prior to WoW ushering in the whole 'new generation of MMO players', I never once even heard that statement made, much less argued as fact like it is now.

    Meanwhile, your old-school, 1st, 2nd and even some 3rd generation MMOs are still running almost 10 years later. They still have active player-bases, large enough to maintain and support on-going service for those who are actually playing them; which, at the end of the day, is the only measure of "success" that actually matters.

    Spin or dismiss it how ever you want - and I know there are those who do regularly. When you have 10+ year old games still going strong with all their "out-dated and archaic concepts" (according to so-called "modern gamers" anyway), meanwhile so many "modern MMO developers" can't seem to maintain a healthy game population for more than a few months and either go offline or have to switch to F2P to try and salvage it... there's a pretty clear picture there.


  • StinkFootStinkFoot 71602, ARPosts: 25Member

    Every game Knoxx touches turns into a petrified turd.

    Course it's harder for games to survive when there's just as bad knoxxer-knock offs handling it as well.

    The whole En-Masse Company is essentially fluff.

  • arcwestarcwest lubbock, TXPosts: 61Member
    i really had a blast playing this game in the streaming demo mode. i really hope it goes FTP or BTP soon, i had fun, but i know the servers have low populations by now. Plus there is just too much out now competeing for my money.
  • NameWasTakenNameWasTaken Where Osama isPosts: 132Member

    Big surprise... NOT!

    This game should just go F2P and be done with it. It feels no better than most F2P trash out there, so stop trying to say you're something you are not, and go free already.

    Besides this game is just a Street Fighter MMO, with Evil Robot Chubby hype marketing.

    BAM's = Marketing Boys Erections!

  • MrRealityMrReality Bayonne, NJPosts: 43Member
    Originally posted by Adelbern
    GW2 effecting Tera? I wonder if soon we will see server merge on other mmo cause of GW2.

    Has nothing to do with GW2 and everything with Tera being a subpar game.

  • UkihaUkiha BCNPosts: 58Member
    Devs from NA and EU of the game should see these users coments,about 80% say the game should go  F2P, i agree on that too.
  • Poolman2000Poolman2000 Columbus, OHPosts: 6Member
    Gw2 is the reason. I like Tera and made it my home, until GW2 came out.
  • NemajnebNemajneb Joppatowne, MDPosts: 12Member
    Originally posted by omidus
    Originally posted by afhn2110
    Tera needs to have a ffa pvp server with no safezones tbh, if they merged servers, had one pve, one pvp, then the ffa pvp no safezone server, they'd hit every target.

    Please explain how FFA pvp would solve their issue? I mean wow had ffa pvp on pvp servers, with BGs out do you think large masses would actually go for it? I mean not even considering the fact that there is GvG. Gaming has evolved, people don't go for FFA pvp when there's no purpose to it. Everyone wants instant gratification, FFA is not going do it.

    I'd love to hear your explanation and please don't say it brings masses out.

    Knoxx jumped ship to the wrong game, TERA never had a chance with their korean mechanics being at the core of the game. They use outdated game mechanics that seemed to be state of the art years ago, after wow? not so much. For one there are countless complains about Nexus itself, endless gear grind that results in fail enchant... the list goes on. The game had no raid, no BG for over a year. It was like vanilla wow but worse in everyway.

    Korean never learn, they want their game to succeed in the west, they need to take alot of clues from wow.


    You totally missed the main thing, no safezones.  The gvg system itself with rankings (they need to work out the kinks) but that gave a reason to pvp...but 20 people sitting in safezones killed it.

  • SuperXero89SuperXero89 Amory, MSPosts: 2,551Member Uncommon

    The last time I logged into TERA was about a month ago.  Most servers were still set to Medium/High population, but I could tell that there weren't as many players running around in the gameworld or standing in Velika.  I figured that was because the majority of the playerbase is at endgame now.

    Maybe the game's population is down to a point where server transfers really are necessary.  That would be unfortunate as TERA opened with less servers than some MMOs end up with two years after release, but on the other hand, if they are going the megaserver route like DCUO and SW:TOR, I think it's a great idea.  I like to think that in 2012, we're largely past the days of individual servers dividing up the playerbase.  What we need to see more of are individual servers dividing up portions of single in-game servers to facilitate larger amounts of players.

  • lifeordinarylifeordinary AgadirPosts: 646Member
    This is one news no one should be surprised about. This was going to happen. Only so long a MMO can bank on one cool feature 'action combat'.  I think the bank finally ran dry.
  • JudgeThaneJudgeThane Funky Town, TXPosts: 63Member Uncommon

    I played Tera til GW 2 came out. I think Tera is great but if I am gonna play 2 games or more then I need F2P and I hope Tera will go that way so I can enjoy both games as I also play DCUO, Napolean Total War, Minecraft, SWTOR when F2P.


    But then I am also waiting on Mechwarrior Online, Hawken, Sim City, Planetside 2, Salem, Marvel Heroes, (maybe) Archeage and many many more.....

  • FugglyFuggly Newport News, VAPosts: 141Member
    never liked the game, combat wasnt anything new. nthing much about this game was interesting, same ol same ol.


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