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Lost 50 silver at the cow launcher

LeononaLeonona aarhusPosts: 225Member Uncommon
I was standing next to the guy operating the cow launcher when some dialogue popped up. I didn't really read it and just clicked something to move on. Something about putting a wager in on where the cow would land. I had a little more than 50 silver in my inventory and only after I clicked something did I realize I had just put in a wager of 50 silver on where the cow would land. Oh sh_t, oh sh_t I thought as I watched the cow launch into the air. You lost, the next dialogue window said. So I guess I learned to pay better attention to those dialogue options.


  • xposeidonxposeidon Sandston, VAPosts: 384Member
    My brother did the same thing, waited 30 mins for the event to start just so he could get a vista and then wager on it hastily without knowing it was 50 silver.. Lost all his money lol

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  • mustang2750mustang2750 NYPosts: 34Member Uncommon
    Ditto! Lol
  • Stx11Stx11 West Hills, CAPosts: 415Member
    Cattlepault and Cow Race Wagering... GW2's most effective "in-game deflationary tool!!!"
  • TomBaker_fanTomBaker_fan Elmhurst, ILPosts: 131Member
    I did that too, had 2 silver left after it was done. Sucked!!


  • UnshraUnshra Hanover, MDPosts: 382Member


    I missed the first bet as the windowed popped up and vanished so fast I thought I was just seeing things. I stood around and listened to them talk about where it landed and that they wanted to go again, the second window popped up and I picked the nest for and sure enough one cow and one nest later I had won one gold. When the third bet came in I didn't get a window, I assume that's because I already bet or I had won the bet. Either way I'm glad I didn't bet as I was going to pick the tower and it landed in the roost. ;-P


    I rather enjoyed betting on the cows and plan to return and see if it will let me do it again after some time has passed.

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