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Looking for nice game

DeathIsCloseDeathIsClose WienPosts: 23Member

Looking for nice game to play recently played Aika for 2 years and Tera since open beta.

Now looking for something new and something decent.

PVP and PVE.

Good GFX and not GW2 that game just... idk xD


any good suggestions from readers? :)




  • Chopper_LoverChopper_Lover Baguio CityPosts: 20Member
    Try Maestia: Rise of Keledus. I have been playing it over a week now. The game is kinda good imo.


  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Columbus, OHPosts: 519Member Uncommon

    Kinda good? lol.

    The truth is MMO dev's have been making nothing but crap for the past decade. Only halfway decent MMO's atm are WoW and GW2, if you can't stand themeparks like me you're screwed my friend.

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