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double backstab by assassination skill

pppsspppsspppsspppss TAIWANPosts: 1Member

the job is hunter / assassination / Shield


sorry guys, my english is not well, so...i cant explain more xD


  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon


    1. Shield Bash - Damage and Stun, increases aggro



    1. Piercing Arrow -  Damage with stun and knockback

    2. Trap - Roots enemies arrounf self

    3. Hawk's Claw - Buff, increases Ranged attack stat for 30m

    4. Mark - Slows target and increases damage taken

    5. Will to Live - Short buff, increase Move/Ranged Atk/Immune to fear. After it expires Move and Atk Spd reduced

    6. Jagged Arrow - Damage and a Bleed DoT

    P1. Walk of the Panther - Move speed +10%

    P2. Sniper - +5m to Bow range, +2% to accuracy

    P3. Hawkeye - Increases Ranged Atk Spd 2%, adds 50% to Crit Damage



    1. Poisoned Arrow - Damage + DoT

    2. Dodge -  Leaps back

    3. Rapid Strikes - 4 fast attacks

    4. Continuous Strikes - fast attacks, several uses before cooldown

    5. Cunning - partial stealth, move reduced 30%

    6. Blow to the Neck - Damage, +5 awareness energy

    7. Dash - Leaps at the enemy 20m and does damage + stun

    8. Shadow Strike - Damage + Silence, more damage with awareness

    9. Sprint - increase move for 1 minute,immune to poison

    10. Shadow Jump - moves player upto 20m to rear of target.

    P1. Acrobatic Steps - Increases chance to evade, adds awareness on evades

    P2. Fortune - player earns double awareness

    P3. Awareness - Each Melee/Ranged hit increases Crit chance by 7%, stacks upto 5 times.

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