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PS2 Roleplay community?

ompgamingompgaming Hometown, IAPosts: 185Member
Anyone know of a building or established RP community for PS2?  I'm intersted in playing the game and RP-ing there as well, if a community exists around it.

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  • abyss404abyss404 Lemont, ILPosts: 67Member Common
    While I doubt there will be much of a strong RP community, I'm sure there will be other RPers in PS2. I plan on being one of them.
  • ompgamingompgaming Hometown, IAPosts: 185Member
    Perhaps some RP guilds will pop up, then.  I find it hard to RP when its just one person.  A community always makes RP-ing great.

    Above all else... never ever piss off the penguin.

  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,087Member

    well was watching stream of enclave outfit and they have commander talking to squad leaders giving orders and even shouting at one guy threating to demote him LOL, they even had a radio clutter noise.

    so yeah I imagine alot of the larger outfits will be effectively roleplaying.

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