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Sold Out Everywhere (UK) - Even Digital Download?

CalkrowCalkrow WokinghamPosts: 81Member Uncommon

I've played MMORPGs since 2002 (EQ) and have tried most if not all the AAA releases.  However since the debacle that was Final Fantasy XIV I've stayed out of betas and waited for at least the initial wave of information after release before deciding to purchase a game.

Having decided this evening to purchase a copy of Guild Wars 2 I've found that all the usual stockists in the UK (Game,, Amazon) are out of stock; apart from a  few Collectors Editions which I'm not prepared to purchase.  This didn't totally surprise me as I know it's been very popular.  What did surprise me was to see that even on the Guild Wars 2 website I can't purchase it.  I was left asking myself 'How can a Digital Download be Sold Out?' as it current states on

It now has me wondering if there is another reason sale of the game has been perhaps suspended?  Is it possibly like the original World of Warcraft launch where it was far more popular than expected leading to overloaded servers?  This leads on to the question of whether (a) do they open more servers to alleviate this problem (b) if they do will they later have an issue with too many servers with low populations?

Any thoughts on this?  Would it be better to wait a bit longer and see how things settle down?


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