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We need GW2 to fail, part 2

muchavezmuchavez asdf, VAPosts: 199Member Uncommon

I was thinking this morning while going to the bathroom that I noticed the toilet paper was rolled over when it should have been rolled under

My son came in the bathroom and also didnt like the fact that the toilet paper was rolled over to. He asked me why it was rolled over and I told him I always roll under , his mother rolls over.

Go wake up your mom and tell her to change the toilet paper. He started to cry and went to wake her up.

A few minutes later his mother appeared and asked me why she needed to turn the toilet paper over, hes crying. I told her its because I didnt feel motivated turn the toilet paper back under , I had too much competition from her since she always turned the toilet paper over.

Now as I sat on the toilet  I realized that is what mmorpg's need but in order for that to happen we need Guild Wars 2 to have its toilet paper turned under instead of over otherwise the cat will come claw it all off, we need this to fail along with the secret world and all future mmorpg's.



  • Sora2810Sora2810 New Columbia, PAPosts: 567Member
    I respect your judgement.. However I don't feel I get your context.

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  • muchavezmuchavez asdf, VAPosts: 199Member Uncommon
    You should read part 1 for more context.
  • ZzadZzad SPAINPosts: 1,380Member Uncommon
    These forums are getting insane....
  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,042Moderator Uncommon
    We really dont need two of these...
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