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How many of us can admit we were wrong?



  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,326Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by caetftl
    I find it to be really fascinating, that I make a thread to discuss gw2 and apologize to people of a certain crowd, and the other crowd attempts to derail it with personal attacks, insults, and accusations.  I can completely relate to that compulsion though, I was once just like that. 

    You keep mentioning this "crowd" you wronged and how you want to communicate your regret to them.  Seeing as how you won't reveal who you are, where you did it and what you did, the apology is pointless. 

    Even as a trolling attempt, this is pathetic.

  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZPosts: 2,759Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by TangentPoint
    Originally posted by caetftl
    Originally posted by kertin
    I was troll but everything I said even thanks to "trolling" is true! I gave GW2 two months until ppl ll find out its not as good as you thought. And now I can say that some of you ralised it sooner than I expected. My true opinions about GW2  cost me few warnings and two bans tbh^^

    I don't really see why people troll for the sake of trolling, but I do find it interesting that sometimes the trolls see things more clearly than the anti-trolls.

    It's because the term "troll" is often (and typically) used by closed-minded and intolerant people to describe anyone whose opinion doesn't reflect their own.  It's a lazy way for people to avoid having to actually address a differing opinion in an intelligent manner. Text-book ad-hominem.

    The "trolls" often see things more clearly because they're not actually trolls to begin with. They're just not blinded by and emotionally wrapped up in the hype over a game and are willing to see its flaws as well as its features.

    Goes something like this:

    Person A: "GW2 is amazing! Best MMO ever!"

    Person B: "It does look and sound good, but here's a few things that I'm not so crazy about...."

    Person A: "OMG, go away troll. I'm sick of you haters not agreeing with me! Stop posting so I can go on believing that my opinion is the only valid one!"

    A bit more like this:

    Person A: "I don't like GW2 because (insert made up issue about a feature/mechanic that they read somewhere from another troll but havent experienced)"

    Person B: "That's not right at all. It actually works like this (insert actual information from the game)"

    Person A: Completely ignore corrections to their lies / misconceptions and "OMG you fanbois are so blind to everything. You cant see the truth that I see. Im smarter than all of you because I know (repeat made up issue again, even though they still havent played or are just too stupid to understand simple things in MMOs)"

  • JakardJakard 98390, WAPosts: 415Member
    I think expectations were too high. I think people were (and still are) hungry for a game to knock World of Warcraft off of it's proverbial throne. I bought the game but honestly? I just don't really care for it. Maybe it's a great game but it just doesn't grab me the way that a game like World of Warcraft did. I think partly because of the lack of a tutorial. You get dumped in the world which is big and complex and it's like, "Have at it". I'm the kind of person that if you don't grab my attention early on.... then it's likely that I won't get into the game. I find myself logging into WoW and Diablo 3 more over the past few days. I think the game is alright.... just nothing special.
  • Revy106Revy106 NaganoPosts: 36Member Uncommon

    Gw2 is just like any other bog standard mmo nothing new implimented into the game just rehashes of every other type of mmo. 


    an mmo needs to make something that has NEVER been done before as difficult as that is im sure there is some ideas out there that people have thought of that could be mind blowing for the mmo industry but companys wont listin to these people because they know fools will just buy any mmo with a background or decent marketing.


    theres my 2 cents flame away

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    Since the topic is pretty much irrevocably derailed, it's being locked.

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