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9/1/2012 Status Update [ArenaNet]



  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare
    Originally posted by fyerwall
    Originally posted by bookworm438
    Originally posted by stayBlind
    Yea, unlock the trading post when there is known account hacking to be going on. That would be SUCH a fun time getting all those tickets (and having to sort through the fake ones). Seems to me like they are fixing the bigger problems first and with great care.

    There is only so much they can do. They have an email authentication system, if you choose to use it. However, it's also your responsibility to use an email and password that you dont' have tied to other MMOs. It's not Anet being hacked, it's the end-user who either already had their email/password in some database from other MMOs, or had some preexisting maleware installed on their end. 

    Thing is I have a feeling Anet was hacked, most likely through their forum system (hence it being down). As for their email auth system, its a joke and hardly works - best part is when you change the email it send the confirmation to the new address, not the old one... talk about secure, lets just make it easier to hyjack an account without the actual owner having any potential way of preventing it from being stolen.

    There are a ton of security measures they could have taken/built into the system that would have eased all the headaches customers are having today. Like it or not Anet really dropped the ball here and just keep fumbling as they try to recover. The game runs great for the most part, but their idea of security and prevention did not exist from the get go.

    The PvP system is a gem. The best I've been a part of. 


    The security and customer service are a bismal. The worst I've ever had to deal with. Why the hell would they lauch a game with two to four million players and NOT have a customer support line to call? 

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

    Customer service is horrible.  Blaming everyone else for the hacking issues is poor form and laughable.

    ANET is really shooting themselves in the foot.

  • hikaru77hikaru77 buenos airesPosts: 1,041Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ikonis
    So many white knights. So many excuses. Exactly as predicted, they attack other games for these type of issues but downplay and spin them when their precious game suffers the same fate.

    Pretty much this. community is know for thieir beloved love toward GW2, they just cant admint that GW2 have the same problems than any other MMO before and in some point, is worse. GW2 is good for a B2P game, by is far far far away to be the messiah that everyone was talking here. 

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