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I NEVER had as much fun grouping up as in this game.

adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSPosts: 2,065Member Uncommon

No mmo has come close, not even DAoC.  People used to group up constantly.  I remember when I played in the headstart back in 04, I grouped up from level 2 onwards.  People just did, all the time.  There wasn't even a trinity most of the time.  The ideas of the task force, and instanced missions got old after a while, but now that I think on it, it's a kind of content that all MMOs should have to some degree.


You didn't have to group in the game, but people just did.  Maybe because it was faster, maybe because it was safer, maybe you wanted to show off how good your build was at decimating enemies.  Other mmo's have become solo games with chat rooms.   I'm late to the party, but I'm starting to feel like this genre is doomed.


  • Tedly224Tedly224 Federal Way, WAPosts: 164Member

    Agreed. In terms of grouping and teams in MMO's, City of Heroes will always hold an incredibly high standard for doing three things, and doing these three things well.

    Teams formed rapidly and people were able to meet up and go to where the action would be quickly.

    Players were able to enjoy the damn game in a huge amount of the content REGARDLESS of what level their characters might be.

    You actually had people role play. No, it wasn't consistent, it wasn't entirely wide spread, but name me a single other MMO that's fostered a sense of people playing with the attitude of  " I AM this hero, I WILL speak as this person I've created " as much as this game did. Star Wars Galaxies had its fair share, and we saw a resurgence of it with Lord of the Rings Online. But this game helped players get into the RP part of the mmoRPG feeling in a big way.


    I wish the next Supers MMO developer the very best of luck in having to be constantly compared against this one.


  • TrionicusTrionicus Palm Beach, FLPosts: 493Member Uncommon
    Got to agree there, maybe daoc takes a close second with SWG but I had so much fun early COH and those scale-able instances.
  • SirenRoseSirenRose Anderson, INPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    I played this game off and on for 6 and a half years. I can't believe the game is shutting down.  This game and the people I met in it had been a huge part of my life.  I have sooo many fond memories from the insane amount of time I spent in game.  I've made many friends in CoH, quite a few of which I even met in person. If it wasn't for this game, and the people I met in it, I never would have gone certain places and made certain choices in my life that led up to meeting my husband. I completely agree with this thread title, of all the MMO's out there, this one was the most fun to team play.  While I played, I think CoH had one of the best communities out there.  With this game, you could create your character in a way that you could literally be anyone! Any type of character you could dream up, any genre, you could create in CoH and play them solo or with others and have the best time. If I hadn't been so poor the past couple years, I honestly would have had my account active the entire time since I've had an account, from January 2005 until now. I will seriously miss this game, and am deeply saddened that after this year I will never be able to reactivate my account to play it again.

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  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon
    I agree, grouping in this game was awesome. Much better than these recent fancy shiny games like SW:TOR and GW 2 with their single player storylines and what not.
  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon
    Yep people held on to good groups and added friends very quickly to find them again for yet more fun :).
  • AmarsirAmarsir Jersey City, NJPosts: 702Member

    Not only was group combat fun, it was social! There were days when powers with long activations were the best because I could type up a quick quip without disrupting my chain! :) The best you get in other games is people goofing around during downtime, which isn't so great because who wants downtime?

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  • HorrorScopeHorrorScope Norcal, CAPosts: 599Member Uncommon
    One of thee top combat models in the mmo biz. I was amazed at how thrilling it was with so much going on. Bars going up and down hectically. Playing a Healer/CC was exhilerating.
  • NizurNizur Austin, TXPosts: 1,417Member
    Yep, this is one of the best games for grouping. When you got a group together that knew their builds and how to work together it was a thing of beauty.

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  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    I agree one million percent!!!

    This is the ONLY game my wife liked to group in....this game had a community, it really did.  It is not a bunch of @ssh@ts like WoW.

    I am really shocked to hear this game is over......It was such a mainstay for me back in the day like SWG was.  

    I started with EQ in 2001 and then to SWG and then when they ruined SWG I was begged to try CoH.  I thought it would be so stupid and dumb and I was soooo wrong.  It was one of the funnest games, actually the second funnest game I ever played.  (SWG, pre CU was my first funnest game).

    Anyway, I really am shocked...

    Do any of you remember Coyote?  He was a player that the devs immortalized in the game's tutorial.  He was a big fan of COH and helped a lot in testing and what not.  He unfortunately died and the devs made his toon into a permanent fixture as an NPC in the tutorial.               I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT!!!

    What a group of incredible humanbeings. 

    I salute you as i whipe away a tear.......

  • anonentityanonentity Atlanta, GAPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    Feel free to check out or as there is a protest to save the game. There are several avenues that people are pursuing to get NCSoft to either release the Intellectual Property or to sell it off to a 3rd party willing to keep it going.

    Check out those sites, write a email to one of the CEO's at NCSoft, let them know how you feel, oh and if you still have it on your system. Load it up and play. There are still tons of groups out there saving the world. If nothign else go out the the petition page and sign it.


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  • MorpheusMJWMorpheusMJW ManPosts: 27Member
    As a bitter SWG vet, this is the only game to match the standard of grouping, it was so good and action packed.
  • Threatlevel0Threatlevel0 Elizabethtown, KYPosts: 168Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by MorpheusMJW
    As a bitter SWG vet, this is the only game to match the standard of grouping, it was so good and action packed.

    This.  If only any new MMO could combine the depth and casual fun of these two games into one I'd be in heaven.  SWG and CoH still hold my fondest MMO memories and had the best comminuties to become invested in.   Hell, I even enjoyed the PvP in these two games more than any of the now mainstream MMO's, which says a lot considering their heavily unbalanced PvP.  Just can't beat Bounty Hunting or Super Jumping...

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