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anyone else get booted and not able to login?

TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
title asks the question...anyone?


  • Ridan477Ridan477 Fullerton, CAPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    Yeah its just happened to me. I think it has to do if you pre purchased but got the boxed version from a retailers. You need to enter you new serial. Its really hard to find the place to do it but there is a tutorial about it.

    Hope this helps. Unfortunately i left my serial at my appt. and i am not there  :(


    Scoobin it up on the daily.

  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    nah i have digital but i do see they are doing back end up date on the reddit at midnight seeattle time and may be unavailble for 20-60 min so im hoping thats the pr oblem
  • Calhoun619Calhoun619 Lynnwood, WAPosts: 126Member
    im getting an error as if beta testing just ended
  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    Go here look at next software update i bet thats why
  • observerobserver Posts: 3,650Member Rare
    Make sure to use the Serial Code you got from the box or from the digital download.  There was a 5 (?) day grace period after launch.  Pre-order and Pre-purchase codes expire after that.
  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    did that when i bought the game digitally on the 9th of august im betting its the update they mentioned.
  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    anyone in chiacgo area not able to login atm?
  • senti02senti02 Bellingham, WAPosts: 96Member Uncommon
    i got dc and get error 9xxxxx then enter my box code and now can login but still getting error,maybe thats the fix their doing right now..maybe :)
  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    yeah i only got one code when i bought game from bestbuy digitally and they verified it was the prepurchase serial code so im so hoping thats it that is the maintence because otherwise gonna be awhile till i can play as the yaresooo backed up
  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILPosts: 339Member
    anyone else still not able to login that has already applied their prepurchase or serial form box? so in otherwords have a valid account but cant login since the update?
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