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Tiberium Alliances blantantly copies tank designs!

It seems that someone in EA's game development team got lazy and googled for tank designs in other games. ; -  EA Bombard Tank is the 1995 Baneblade ; -  EA Grinder Tank is the 1995 Ork Bonecruncha

What do you think about this? Will GW lawsuit EA for using their designs?


  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    Old news. Made me LOL, think the devs said those tanks will be gone ASAP, yeah I bet they will. Games Workshop love to carry lawsuits in their back pocket.

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    WOW FK i forgot all about warhammer40k epic scale i miss those old games :( 


    kinda cheap of EA to jack the design.  seeing as GW sues people for just making a fan video of their products, lol EA could give them selfs a hot foot o-o

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  • dronfwardronfwar Shitty, DEPosts: 316Member
    EA is well known for outsourcing artwork to [censored].
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