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Waiting for authentication...

JorielJoriel PortoMember Posts: 177 Uncommon
Any1 with this "issue" it just keeps loading and loading.... iv cheched my email and no link there....



  • MMOPlayaMMOPlaya Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 102 Uncommon

    Yup, same here bud.  Been waiting for a bit.


    Same thing if I try to log into the GW2 website.  Still no email.

  • goodjobgoodjob to, ARMember Posts: 17 Uncommon
    same here, cant et email, did get it eysterday
  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MaineMember Posts: 11,866 Uncommon

    no idea if this helps


    Edit: Actually i found the issue, these verification emails unlike all previous emails from ArenaNet were filtered as junk by my Windows Live email server so they werent even seen by my installed email client.

  • JorielJoriel PortoMember Posts: 177 Uncommon

    forgot to say something, actually after like 30 mins it apears a window saying error bla bla bla... the same 1 that most of us got at the release of the game,

    Basicly they required many ppl to authenticate their acc and now the server is jammed


  • MMOPlayaMMOPlaya Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 102 Uncommon

    According to their Face/palm page, they are aware of it.

    Also on their TWITter page too.


  • slicknslim88slicknslim88 Norfolk, VAMember Posts: 394
    Yeah I'm having this same problem, doing my best to stay behind Arenanet during this really sketchy launch, but it's getting harder and harder.  However it has only been 3 days since official launch so it hasn't gotten to the point of being totally ridiculous just yet. However if this keeps up for a couple weeks, thats unnacceptable.
  • WarThorWarThor Collinsville, OKMember Posts: 40 Uncommon

    waiting and waiting this sucks especially when you got down time to play.


    I hgave same issue and sent in a complaint with no response so GW2 is failing in customer support area if ask me.

  • sneeknsneekn Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 1

    Same issue here.  Couldn't log into support to get help either.  Had to create a new support login and submit help request.  No response from them yet... of course. : (

    I also checked my junk/spam folder.  There are no emails there either...

  • NevulusNevulus Miami Beach, FLMember Posts: 1,288 Uncommon

    so basically another fail problem, on a holiday weekend at that.

    for such a great game, I cannot believe all these problems they are having. Didnt they state they were ready for the mass influx of players? And that launch would not be hindered much?


    Edit: I can't even log into my gw2 account page. And they still do not have the option to change the login email address. I signed off GW2 to reset my computer and have not been able to log back on to the game for 3 hours.

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