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Rate your luanch experience [POLL]



  • XarkoXarko Posts: 654Member Uncommon
    4 from EU
  • KrossliteKrosslite Folsom, PAPosts: 317Member
    Originally posted by everland
    So... little over 400 votes. So, that would be most people that play gw2 and read this forum, right? Isn't it to small percentage of entire community to make any conclusion at all? It is. It's the same as doing statistic on xfire. Pointless.

    That why it called an un-offical poll.

    I'll go through the responds and look at the numbers.

    Then on Sept. 28th I will do the other poll. That will be what people think of the game at that time.


    Also... It could be a low number due to more people playing then reading this forum.

    A MMO is like life. It is something to cherish and enjoy upon in it journey. So why race to the end of it. In life at the end you die.

  • sleepr27sleepr27 LisbonPosts: 102Member Uncommon
    One of the worst launchs i've ever had, probably the worst!
  • nate1980nate1980 Evans, GAPosts: 1,876Member Uncommon
    Launch has been mostly smooth, but there's been some problems, a lack of good communication, and questionable customer suppor and security issues. So I gave the game an 8 for my launch experience.
  • ReizlaReizla 3,886Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dumbo11
    Honestly, the pre-launch in the EU was bad/terrible. Weirdly, in a few months no-one will actually remember this :).

    For that reason I'm giving it a 7. I'm lucky that I mostly play in the morning and aside from Saturday morning, I had no problems any other morning. The evenings though were a pain the first week...

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  • DerrosDerros Posts: 1,174Member Uncommon

    Only real issues that have bothered me,


    WvW queues, and trade post being a work in progress.  Other than that, been fine with how things have gone.


    I expect some extra downtime the first 2 weeks or so.

  • RebelnebelRebelnebel Ehrenfeld, PAPosts: 2,962Member Uncommon


    I am giving it a 6  and my reasons are this

    1. Disconnects in the game

    2. WvWvW que is unacceptable when in game

    3. Server seems to go down at different times in a 24 hour period (either that or I just have bad luck when I choose to play)

    4. Can't hookup with friends on a Full Server so you must play on another server (unless their is a trick to get to them)

    5. Some in game mechanics are broken in the game

    I could go on and I believe I am being generous on giving it a 6



  • CorrineCorrine miami, FLPosts: 77Member Uncommon
    I gave it a 6. It wasn't perfect, but nothing hindered my gameplay


  • kartanakartana Pirna, COPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    I rated it 9/10. Except for the first day login issues (25th) I had not one single problem. And I play waaay too much!

  • Be4reeBe4ree MoscowPosts: 2Member Common

    I'd say 9-10 

    They solve problems fast

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