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Darkhaven is looking for Asian/Euro guilds to join our server - avoid your queues

AkadiosAkadios Greenfield, MAPosts: 43Member
Darkhaven is a very high pop (often Full) US server.  During peak US times we do extremely well in WvW.  To define extremely well I mean we are almost always top in points per cycle and usually hold 2 orbs but never are orbless.  The problem that we have as a server is that we do not have a large population of Asian/Euro zone guilds/players.

This is NOT a guild recruitment post.  What we as a server are looking for is to have Asian/Euro Zone Guilds move to Darkhaven before the free world transfers are over.  With you on our server we will be able to dominate in PvP.  

Our US Time zone guilds are very organized and during those Timezones WvW is always full on all 4 continents.  However off peak we are never full on any continent. Which is where the benefit will come in for your guilds.  If you make this move you will be able to get into good WvW on an active server but without needing to fight over queues.  As we currently have almost no Asian/Euro Zone guilds you will be able to get into WvW with no queue (or low queue depending on how many move).

Anyways while I am sure this is not for everyone there it is.  Darkhaven Server is looking for Asian/Euro GUILDS to come so that we can provide a full time WvW force.

Other guild leaders are going to be posting on this thread over the next 24 hours so that you can see how serious the server is about this.

Thank you.

Akadios - Guild Leader - Defiance [RUN]


Defiance is Recruiting:


  • SQTOSQTO victoria, BCPosts: 189Member Uncommon
    They need people that can stay up past thier bedtime. 
  • AkadiosAkadios Greenfield, MAPosts: 43Member
    This is once Stormbluff (the server with high oceanic pop was off the WvW)  So as you can see it had nothing to do with Ehmry Bay kicking our ass. We simply lack a large oceanic force however people should come join up :)


    Defiance is Recruiting:

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