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Huge Lagspikes...anyone else?

Hell_HammerHell_Hammer BelgradePosts: 75Member

When I started playing on the opening night, not a single lag spike in sight. The day after that, same.

Starting yesterday, I began having these very annoying lagspikes that don't exactly render the game unplayable but certainly ruin the gameplay experience.

They begin sometime after sign in, maybe 15 minutes later, maybe three hours later - but they start, and then the lag happens every 15-20 seconds for like 3 secs. Very annoying.


The point is, I'm almost 100% certain it's not on my end - because if it was it would be lagging and rubberbanding since day one, but I still have some doubts.


Anyone else having these?

Are they because of server overpopulation?

Also, they happen in overflow as well.


  • Hell_HammerHell_Hammer BelgradePosts: 75Member, huh?

  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,082Member Rare
    Not for me. I saw someone else complain yesterday when others weren't having problems though.
  • RokurgeptaRokurgepta wallington, NJPosts: 2,136Member
    I have not played prime time yet except for the headstart weekend and I have not seen any lag like that myself.
  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAPosts: 7,928Member
    my friend was turned out was his routers firewall causing issues

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  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    same happens to my friends and i.


    The only difference is that sometimes  we experience this lag and sometimes not.It can happen to 1 of us or to all and we have different ISPs.

  • OrsonDiturnoOrsonDiturno Jacksonville, ILPosts: 35Member

    I had a series of horrible lag spikes while I was in Snowden Drifts doing the Razorwing Skill Point Challenge. Afterwards it cleared up. I also had a period of really bad skill delay the day before that.


    Otherwise, the game has run well for me.

  • Hell_HammerHell_Hammer BelgradePosts: 75Member

    I think I set the router properly.

    The reason why I doubt it's on my end is because if it was, it wouldn't start after two or three days, right? 

    It'd be like that from the start.


    I've seen a few people complain about that in game and on the forums, but no official info on what it might be...

  • IstavaanIstavaan CorkPosts: 1,350Member
    I had some lag spikes yesterday but none today.
  • Hell_HammerHell_Hammer BelgradePosts: 75Member

    Hmph...well, I guess we'll only have to wait and see if it gets fixed soon.


    Guess they need a bit more overflow sections.

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