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What profs have 1500 range?

OyjordOyjord Riverside, CAPosts: 489Member Uncommon

Hi all,


I'm too old to melee, so I need as much range in WvW as possible to keep the whippersnappers off my tushy.  The Longbow Warrior and Ranger are the only two profs I know with at least some 1500 range.  Surely there are others, once traited, that can reach 1500?


Thanks for sharing!


  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    Some of the engi turrents have 1500 range, I think.
  • donjndonjn Valencia, CAPosts: 808Member Uncommon

    Think less about professions and more about weapons. Rifles always have a long range.

    You fit a rifle bearing warrior perfectly. Do nice damage from distance, and who cares if someone gets clsoe, you wear heavy armor and can swap out a greatsword in case of emergency.

    Trust me, you are a rifle warrior.


  • OyjordOyjord Riverside, CAPosts: 489Member Uncommon
    Rifles are 1200, and I'd really like something that works at 1500, but I'll give them another go, thanks!
  • Stx11Stx11 West Hills, CAPosts: 415Member
    Originally posted by Oyjord
    Rifles are 1200, and I'd really like something that works at 1500, but I'll give them another go, thanks!

    I *think* you can get Rifles to 1500 on a Warrior with Traits... (but don't quote me on that >.>)

  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon
    Engineers can also use their grenades at 1500 range.
  • yaoming36yaoming36 None of your damn business, INPosts: 189Member Uncommon

    The longbow warrior is only 900 range and like someone else pointed out the rifle warrior is only 1200 range.


    EDIT: I'm level 53 warrior. I believe you can increase the longbow range to 1200 with traits but you can't increase the rifle.

  • VorthanionVorthanion Laguna Vista, TXPosts: 2,472Member Uncommon

    Most rifle skills are 1000 or less.  I know that Engineer gets talents that increase range for rifles, pistols, grenades and turrets by an additional 25% of their base range.

    Ranger also gets a talent line that increases range and damage of longbow / shortbow.

  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    Ranger with longbow has 1500 (with the trait).

    Engineers can increase turret range to 1500 (with the trait)

    Warriors can increase longbow to 1500 (with the trait).


    That's basically it.

  • OyjordOyjord Riverside, CAPosts: 489Member Uncommon
    Thanks again for the helpful tips.  Ranger, Warrior and Engineer seem to be it.  I'll try all 3!
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