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Can't log-in or post support ticket

MahloMahlo YorkshirePosts: 798Member

I've been trying to get into this bloody game since early this morning. For some reason the client decided that I was using a new IP address, which I wasn't. So I had to authorize log-in attempt by using link in emails. Emails are taking around 20 minutes to get to me by which time the log-in attempt has quit. I have over 20 email attempts now. So I decided it was time I post a support ticket. Went to log-in to my account on the web. Same message about having to authenticate using email they sent. At least I thought it might still let me in on the web by the time I got the email. Nope. 'Failure'.

So I can't log-in to the game I've been playing since last Saturday and I cant tell them about it. Oh their forums aren't up either. So I have to bore you with it. Sorry!


  • MahloMahlo YorkshirePosts: 798Member
    I was hoping someone at arenanet might read this as I can't contact them about it any other way. With 17 views I suspect I'm out of luck. And it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem judging by lack of interest, which leaves me up the creak.

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