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Games cards not worldwide (SOLD IN ONLY THREE COUNTRIES)

swiftxd97swiftxd97 londonPosts: 4Member

I have noticed that as a United Kingdom Resident (England),

Only a very very limited amount of countries have access to games cards in fact only three or four that i am aware of anyway. These countries are America Canada and Australia.


I cease to see how the game having been been online for this long and they only sell games cards in THREE COUNTRIES and they are hardly what you would call new anymore so they really have no excuse here in England when we have games they are advertised and broadcast world wide and thier games are sold in over ten countries which really is not a lot and a  MMORPG where most of their gamers are not even in America have no access to games cards and have to sit and watch thier friends buy Pagoda's new mounts and loads more new things which they have no access to cause in they game i have seen loads of people asking other people if they can get this for them or that for them and its not cause they are tramps it cause in thier country they have no access to wizard 101 games cards at all and not everyone's parent is as willing to take out their credit or debit cards as they are to take out solid hard cash as most parents find it annoying to have to go through the same long process to get crowns or membership. Have wizard 101 not thought about having membership cards or crowns cards  here in Great Britain nearly all our games have membership card where you can get 1 month membership for some mmo or mmorpg games for £4.95 with is about $7.00 or so American dollars.

Also as one of  America's closesr friends i can't see how they can sell games card all they way on the other side of the world in Austraila but can't sell them to countries less than half way across they worlds to themeselves i bet they don't even sell them in South America. Kingsisle's attitude better start to change or they will have a VERY bad future ahead of them considering WIZARD 101 is such a brilliant game and would be a real shame see it go.

and won't selling games cards in a wider variety of countries bring more money into thier pockets

(I guess they have not thought about that one either!)



  • KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsle Austin, TXPosts: 158Member

    Our partners at Gameforge offer prepaid cards in stores as well for use on the UK servers of Wizard101. 

    You can contact them for more information at


    Why USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada only? 

    Our Gift Cards are distributed through a company called InComm that only offers distribution in the these countries. At this time, we are unable to offer Gift Cards in other countries, but offer our players the alternative to purchase Gift Certificates on our website. For more information on Gift Certificates, please visit

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