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What level is everyone?



  • reillanreillan Tulsa, OKPosts: 241Member Uncommon

    I hit 61 last night... looks like I'm the highest lvl replier on the forum. whoopy

  • just1opinionjust1opinion Kansas City, MOPosts: 4,641Member Uncommon


    I'm 12.  Obviously, I'm in no rush.

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  • otacuotacu BolzanoPosts: 547Member Uncommon
    Level 26 right now
  • JackSmthJackSmth The HaguePosts: 17Member

    Level 29 Thief here at the moment, playing since the first day of headstart and enjoy every minute I spend ingame.

    And I only have 12% of the world unlocked so far, the game world is huge.

    The game is worth every penny I've spend on it.


    People that complain about the (possible) lack of endgame,  I've spend 1232 hours in Team Fortress 2, pvp never gets old ;)


  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowherePosts: 2,432Member Uncommon

    Level 37 elementalist.

    Would have been much higher level, but I have work to do. I find that I'm sort of taking a break from leveling to do jumping puzzles and completing previous areas.

    Feel free to use my referral link for SW:TOR if you want to test out the game. You'll get some special unlocks!

  • Trudge34Trudge34 Stevens Point, WIPosts: 392Member Uncommon

    I only have a level 4 Human Warrior and level 2 Sylvari Engineer. I'm having a good time just wandering around, doing my personal story quest for a bit, taking part in dynamic events and exploring. Only have had the time to play about two hours since launch, which is going to at least double today, so haven't had a chance to get too deep into anything quite yet.

    I have to say, one of the odd things I've encountered that shouldn't be such a big deal that I'm really happy for, is that I walked up to one of the farms in Queensdale, walked up to the door...and actually got to open it and go in. I know it shouldn't be a big deal to go into a building like that, but the last few MMOs that I've played the buildings were just there for show. All the NPCs were either in huts, standing right outside the door or else the only time you could go into a building is if there was a massive walkway letting you know you can go in this one. Maybe my sample is a little small for making that claim, but for sure Rift and TERA were both that way at least. Just nice to see a bit more depth added in such a simple way.

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    Tried: EQ2, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Runes of Magic and countless others...
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    80 Sylvari Ranger

  • marcuslmmarcuslm Louisville, KYPosts: 263Member Uncommon
    I am 13 at the moment. I am in no hurry. I am not one to race to level cap. I like to savor the experience.
  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon
    41 but not rushing,exploring and trying to complete all the maps i go through,i mostly do low level stuff though,i havent been in a map tht's my level yet.

  • saranyasaranya austin, TXPosts: 33Member

    lvl 12 and avg lvl 8 across 3 alts.

    i'm in no rush to play and lvl since there is no sub fee.  I can sit down and play for 30min or a few hours.  I can easily put off the game and play other things.  gw2 is my fallback when i have nothing else to do.

  • CrazylikeCrazylike HPosts: 89Member Common
    Lvl 31 Elementalist. Got 39 hours played over the past 5 days. Been taking my time, no rushing. Love it so far!

  • PoufPouf St-hyacinthe, QCPosts: 341Member
    i'm level 42 and i have a 40hours a week work and a gf and friend! I guess i just skipped some sleeping
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