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This lunch is a disaster

TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 1,528Member Uncommon

I stayed up all night last night, playing Guild Wars 2. Been playing all day. I've gotten nothing done, and only have eaten snacks and drank water. This launch is a disaster to my life.


btw, the human city is amazing :D

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  • SlheyasSlheyas Posts: 83Member Uncommon

    Lion's Arch is better.


    If I had to marry a city I'd marry Lion's Arch and have consensual sex in the missionary position with her.


    Also yeah, eating my time too, 40-50 hours in now.

  • WorstluckWorstluck the valley, CAPosts: 1,269Member

    Personally my dinner was a disaster, but my lunch was pretty good.


    Oh launch!  I have to work, but besides that yes, it has been a disaster for my life outside work since the 25th that is for sure.


  • teakboisteakbois Parlin, NJPosts: 2,154Member

    If you can just cut lunch out together you will get more GW2 time.


    Eat a big breakfast,then get lost in Tyria and by the time you know it i will be 3.  Then get some chinese delivery to cover both lunch and dinner, and never have a disastrous lunch again.

  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    Yeah, the Wine is horrible...

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  • SkullyWoodsSkullyWoods Thorold, ONPosts: 183Member
    Sorry to hear that. My curry chicken was pretty good. Better luck tomorrow.

    Why did Marceline's dad eat her fries? I mean...cause she bought them and they were hers...

  • KrossliteKrosslite Folsom, PAPosts: 317Member
    After being in so many launches, and due to some maturity. I only commited myself to arourd 36 hours of the 72 I gave myself to play this last weekend

    A MMO is like life. It is something to cherish and enjoy upon in it journey. So why race to the end of it. In life at the end you die.

  • MisterSrMisterSr Atlanta, GAPosts: 928Member Uncommon
    Should probably start packing your own lunch instead of eating school food.
  • frestonfreston orensePosts: 521Member Uncommon
    Beaten to lunch jokes by practically everybody else in this thread, including the OP
  • jippyukjippyuk BournemouthPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    Bit late noticing this thread but I had to come in and comment off the title mistake.

    Seems everyone else already beat me to it... LOL'D hard reading everyones replies :) Great stuff


  • azmundaiazmundai St Louis, MOPosts: 1,419Member Uncommon

    I suugest White Castle, or Waffle House for you poor slobs that don't have White Castle.

    LFD tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.
    I am, usually on the sandbox .. more "hardcore" side of things, but I also do just want to have fun. So lighten up already :)

  • SvarcanumSvarcanum SthlmPosts: 420Member Uncommon
    You should be happy if only one of your lunches has been a disaster since launch. I've not been able to sit down to enjoy a good meal for a good 5 days now:(
  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon
    Theres some really annoying issues like you cant play with friends and chat sometimes doesnt work. But hey I managed to get level 37... I wouldnt if they used the good old "you are number 869 in line estimated time 5 hours" queue.

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  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare
    You cooked it yourself?
  • dariuszpdariuszp PrzeworskPosts: 182Member
    I wan't to report that it was best lunch ever. I made fried potatoes with white cheese and lot of spice. No problems at all except sometimes I can't enter the kitchen because loggin server is busy and from time to time I have delay while trying to turn potatoes on the frying pan.
  • lilHealalilHeala ZwollePosts: 522Member Uncommon
    :O You had time for lunch?!
  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member

    Many may argue that pre-lunch is way more important than anything that comes after, but having too much too late can make life uncomfortable.


    I would work on this to make it less of a disaster for yourself.  Try something new, put different stuff together and make it happen!


    This thread is making me hungry.

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  • NikkitaNikkita ParisPosts: 790Member
    Originally posted by TheScavenger
    I stayed up all night last night, playing Guild Wars 2. Been playing all day. I've gotten nothing done, and only have eaten snacks and drank water. This launch is a disaster to my life.   btw, the human city is amazing :D

    The day GW2 released, i got burried neck deep in work..this launch is disaster for me too. I think about W v W even at work lol


    Bite Me

  • emestoemesto HarkPosts: 55Member
    I have not played a single MMO that had a smooth launch. The worst was probably Aion to be fair.
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