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[Column] Guild Wars 2: Guild Wars 2 Launch Edition



  • VultureSkullVultureSkull LONDONPosts: 1,774Member Uncommon

    Can't invite peeps to a guild in GW2. You cannot get a lunch bug worse than that.

    Surely that has been resolved now.


  • SirmakiSirmaki Nashville, TNPosts: 118Member Uncommon
    Given that the first 2 sentences both had grammar issues (official - officially, spend - spent) I have to wonder if it's worth my time to read the review.
  • CyberNigmaCyberNigma San Antonio, TXPosts: 25Member
    yeah, I'd prefer to see any of the skins that you have to buy in the gem store work like the heritage armor from the HoM, even if it means they cost a bit more..
  • BlakkrskyrrBlakkrskyrr Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 230Member
    There are a bunch of small things that I've been taking notes on in order to give them a list of things to polish up. Like a bag in leatherworking is an 8 slot but the description says 9, or in the guild page, the columns for profession and trade skill are too small that the text wraps. Also the way you break down stacks of things by alt-drag is annoying. Just let us alt-click. There are a few others, but ultimately the game is awesome and I haven't had an issue with servers or the trade post being down. Can't wait to see where the game is at in a month
  • GameJeffGameJeff Deerfield, WIPosts: 9Member

    I played for the first time last night. (my schedule just did not let me play an sooner). The game has a good pace. However the game itself can be a bit confusing. Just trying to figure out where to go to craft or where the bank is or what the heck is sned to collections. Not knowing anyof this can be confusing but does not really stop you from have fun killing things. 

    The one thing that sent me for a loop my very first character complete the intro quest/area and I get this message about overflow map. nothing made sense about it. So I chose an option and I thought I was in the world. I was killing things and explorering but the one of the heart quest (the raven's riddles one) Nothing would give me a riddle. I saw other players running here and there I followed them but I could do nothing. I say my quest bar fill up but I did nothing. So my very first heart quest finished with me getting a gold participation and I am did was nothing.  Then I got to go to the real area not an overflow. 

    I went to post on thier forums to ask and the forums our down. :( I am still not to sure what it means to be in an overflow map. But I am having fun

  • therez0therez0 Ridgecrest, CAPosts: 379Member

    I agree wholeheartedly on Bad Point #2.

    I really wish that they had paid attention to me in the BWE forums when I said that it transmutation was only a half-solution.

    Items really need to be broken down into further parts that are more visible. Item skins need to be clearly identified as such. Transmutation stones should remain, except that their use would simply remove the 'Essence' or 'Design' or 'Template' (or however many variations of name on the visual component) of an item into an inventory item.

    Essences sold in the gem store would be account bound, and have permanence--selling or salvaging the item would automatically leave the Essence in your inventory or a collection tab in the vault.

    Essences also simplify things for cultural armor and weapom vendors. An Essence could be either categorical, or specific; I.E. a single Medium Krytan Armor Essence could be applied to any piece of medium armor, whereas an Ascalonian Crown Essence would only apply to headgear.

    My suggestion extends further to suggest creating a community tool for modders to make item skins. Using a system like the CoX Architect (NC property, pretty easy to just license it across) to vet good skins, and reward the creators some game currency.

    And to Martin, Regina, or any other person on the A.Net Community staff that might be reading this: this suggestion is all in the beta forum archive. You own this idea already according to the ToS on the beta forum, use it; please use it for the betterment of the game.

  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon

    I agree with what you have posted. I was excited to get into the MMORPG guild this time in a game and do look forward to the adventure together. A couple of the big plus factors for me in the game are :

    there is NO (!) or (?) to be found in the game. Npcs don't just wait around at towns and hubs for you to come get a quest. There really is no kill this many boars and bring me their snouts quests (thank god). Npcs actually will run up to you as you are adventuring and voice act a cry for help. If you take the time to talk or follow them they lead you to an event you can take part in. The game feels alive and lived in.

    Another example are the MANY (and I mean many) voice acted random npc chit-chat conversations through out the world. At times I found myself hanging out just to listen to some of them. Some even are based and change depending on where you are in your personal storyline. Anet put a lot of time into what most MMOs would not even had put into their game. For this gamer it gets an A+ because every single one of them make the zones feel alive. You get the impression that npcs have a life and aren't just waiting for you to come along and grab that ! from them.

    Personally I haven't missed the Trading Post yet. There has just been too many other things to do I haven't even thought about buying and selling items. I have wished to be able to get some crafting items because the drop rate verse the items needed to craft seems a bit imbalanced. I found myself going back to other starting zones because I out leveled the zone but needed the mat drops for my crafting. I enjoyed every minute of it because Anet actually made it so you level down (making the area still challenging) and gain experience in every zone. Gone are the dreadful times of going back to gather mats.

    Anet has been agressively working since headstart launch to fix the issues and improve performance. Based on the love they have given GW1 over the years I have no doubt things will be running smooth in the next few weeks.

    See you in game!

  • reillanreillan Tulsa, OKPosts: 241Member Uncommon

    Epic story? 

    I said it during beta directly to GW2, and I'll say it again - the personal stories are boring and contrived.  I wrote better stories when I was 9.

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