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Final Fantasy 7

DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

Bought the new PC version a few days ago, I am generally happy with it, I knew going on that their wasnt going to be many changes to the game. The music was the main thing that was changed for this game, some were left as was and others were slightly modified.

I like the idea of an acheivements system but the ones that are their are generic ones and not that fun.

But its been a good experience I needed a break from new games and wasnted to go back to my roots, but I didnt have to break out my PS1 to do it XD.


  • dna_mordna_mor Richboro, PAPosts: 10Member

    I bought FF VII & FF VIII when they were newly released in boxes on PC. I somehow got disc 1 of FF VII scratced and cracked and lost FF VIII entirely. 

    I would have re-bought them but they were so rare on PC that I'm not paying ebay money for them! 

  • zanebergeronzanebergeron winona, TXPosts: 80Member Uncommon
    I have them downloaded from PSN on my ps3, FF7 being IMO the BEST FF there was.  I do not see buying a re-release of a game that isn't an updated version.  Now if they ever do a remake with modern graphics I will be the first in line to give my money.

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