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[Column] General: Global F2P Gleanings

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,005MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

One of the things we love to do around here is put our collective ear to the ground for all the news that might interest our readers and then give some thoughts about those stories. In our latest Free Zone column, we take a look at some of the most interesting tidbits we've picked up lately. Read on!

Writing about the F2P landscape tends to involve a form of information overload. The amount of news and other tidbits that come my way far exceeds what I can include in a biweekly column. So, many things that have enough interest value to catch my attention still don't make the cut. This time around, I thought I'd at least partially address this by commenting briefly on a range of topics from the past few weeks.

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  • bobfishbobfish SouthamptonPosts: 1,679Member Uncommon

    FIFA Online 2 is massive across south east asia, not just South Korea. Think LoL but football.


    Also, EA tried to release it in the west, they ran a beta test for about three months before closing down the service and giving up. I believe, though can't prove this, that the mouse control scheme was not popular with the western audience, who are used to using gamepads.

  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    Hey Rich, any chance of you critically discussing anything to do with F2P in the near future?


    I would love an open recognition of Aion's F2P failing, what that really means in a wider context, and maybe an *honest* wider look at the LONG term performance of the model in the West in converted games. 

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,161Member Rare

    The reason on line poker got the heave ho was that the government was not getting their cut.  Promise to provide a decent income from taxes and these officials will bend over backward to get it legalized.  Sad observation.  Never thought I would see casino's and one armed bandits at race tracks here, but soon as they promised big tax revenues the opposition had no chance.

    Personally I don't consider gambling as gaming.  In a game you really risk nothing, while gambling can cost you everything.

  • MarcelinoMarcelino BlackburnPosts: 121Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Suzie_Ford
      SWTOR cash shop may offer items that affect stats

    If they do this, they need to make the currency avalible to buy with in game currency as well as RL money like in GW2. It is the only way to make it fair

  • AstralglideAstralglide Simi Valley, CAPosts: 686Member Uncommon
    I WAS going to return to SWTOR, but no longer. I don't mind cash shops and I don't mind items that boost XP, etc- but no P2W stuff- at any level.

    A witty saying proves nothing.

  • MataOCDMataOCD ZagrebPosts: 54Member
    Originally posted by Astralglide
    I WAS going to return to SWTOR, but no longer. I don't mind cash shops and I don't mind items that boost XP, etc- but no P2W stuff- at any level.

    I totally agree, there are games that are f2p but are not p2w.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint WatfordPosts: 74Member
    Originally posted by MataOCD
    I totally agree, there are games that are f2p but are not p2w.  

    Could you direct me to a couple? The ones I've tried lately hae all been P2W tripe.

  • gervaise1gervaise1 .Posts: 3,974Member Rare

    "Funcom stated that TSW's business model will not change. However, I assume that “at this time” is implied. My gut feeling is still that it will shift to some form of F2P / hybrid within the not too distant future. The game's community seems quite positive. However, it's obviously smaller than hoped for, probably by quite a bit. So, given that Age of Conan doesn't appear to have suffered from its move, it's difficult to imagine this title following a similar path. And if that's going to happen, how long is the company likely to hold off?"


    Now that we know that CoH is closing - one of the on-going operations at NCSoft - maybe no time soon. Paid for DLC and maybe a small fee for the servers for a year has to be a better bet that "f2p". 

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