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WOW Changed MMOs & GW2 Will Change MMOs



  • Originally posted by redman875
    Originally posted by Volkon
    Originally posted by redman875
    GW2 is just wow with more focus on pvp....and no focus on gear..   I mean GW2 will change mmorpgs as much as warhammer online did...since they are basically the same game at heart.    

    It amazes me the things people will say when they have no idea what they're talking about.


    Yeah thats why its fun posting in forums like this during the blind hype phase of a major wow-park.  

    People refuse to accept the reality that theyve been sold yet another wow-park.  No matter how much these people clammor for a game not like wow they just cant resist the hype and buy in...happens over and over and over.

    So basically what you're saying is you did resist the hype and didn't "buy in", meaning you didn't even play the game... yet somehow you know it's a wow-park.  How's that work exactly?

  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,326Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Originally posted by MARTYB2K

    I predict over 5 million people will be playing soon. ArenaNET is onto a winner. Also it will effect the design of just about every MMO to come out in the coming years.

    5 million (or more) will likely buy it, but will they be still playing it to any great extent 6 months down the road. 

    That is the real quesiton now isn't it?

    That's a tough call.  A scripted event is a far cry better than quest text; I don't think any sane person would deny that.  But at the end of the day they're still scripted events.  And even when the script branches are based on player actions, sooner or later, you'll have seen it all.

    I suspect it will ultimately depend on the frequency and quality of Xpacs.  I'm optomistic, as it seems to me that the game's capabilities are almost endless.  No matter what, Anet should be very proud of this game.

  • Deto123Deto123 Kelowna, BCPosts: 689Member
    Originally posted by Mephster
    GW2 is a theme park, it is built for the short tem. It won't change a thing. It will never ever have the impact WoW has.

    Bingo, and even though I don t like WoW, MOP will dwindle GW2 active player base alot. Then they ll release more info on Titan, and soon people will be all over the WoW train again. I m not going to , depending what Titan is, but it s the ebb and flow of most MMO gamers these days.

  • sirphobossirphobos Posts: 619Member Uncommon
    Can we wait for this game to have been out at least a week before we start declaring it game of the decade and saying it will change MMOs?
  • ElijarhElijarh ViennaPosts: 82Member Uncommon

    I love Mmo's But im not playing GW2.. I don't know why Im not..just not. Im not a Hater or fan of anything , If I try and like I play.. But I have read too many mixed repsonses about GW2 to risk throwing 50euro's at a potential 1 month stand.


    we'll see



  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

    This is a distinct marketing advantage.  Anyone who buys this game will be counted and advertised as a player forever.  No sub means their account is always active and they are always able to log in and play.

    I dont think 5 million is a good estimate.  If the 400k buyers post is accurate its actually experiencing sluggish sales...i mean AoC was able to get 1.4mil suckers off the bat and that game wasnt even finished.

    If that 400k sales estimate is accurate, then i would expect 2mil in their count of boxes sold within a year if theres a good expansion in that timeframe.

    I say that the expansion is vital because people are not going to want to play a game with no endgame "awesome special thempark ride excusivly for max level" for long.  People want some special and awesome event at the end for their hard work of causally playing a few weeks to get to endgame.  This game lacks that right now...and that may be by design to help their expansion sell.


  • EmerwynEmerwyn MadridPosts: 70Member
    Originally posted by MARTYB2K
    Very good game that's polished. Very little technical problems. Lots of good features from the start. I predict over 5 million people will be playing soon. ArenaNET is onto a winner. Also it will effect the design of just about every MMO to come out in the coming years.


    1. False. It's filled with bugs. Anyone that isn't a blind zealot can see that. The game is called Guild Wars and the Guild features don't even work. Could point out more obvious flaws, but that one is as ironic as symbolic.

    2. False. Constant technical problems, constant server maintenance without prior announcement, constant login screen issues with people stuck hours spamming login button without being able to play at all, constant forum downage, constant 500-1000 ping (at least in European servers) even in the headstart where there weren't supposed to be that many players.

    3. Up to each one's opinion. GW2 lacks open world PvP, which is distasteful, and a rollback of 10 years in the mmo genre. There are only 8 dungeons and they aren't working. The Auction House is still not working.

    4. I predict a lot of people will play it due to the overhype that follows it, same as Diablo. Since we're predicting here, I predict that in 2 months 90% of the players will have reached top level and uninstalled it to gather dust next to Aion, LotRO, TSW, SW:TOR, etc.


    All in all, this game is decent, but the biggest bluff in the history of gaming.

  • RexNebularRexNebular BialystokPosts: 259Member

    Evolution of quest system - get rid of any fluff that could be placed in the quest giver's dialogue. Replace it with automated message: "Help X by doing this, this, this and this."

    Evolution of combat system - get rid of mana/stamina/whatever.

    If this is the direction mmos are going to take because of GW2, then I feel sad for the genre.

    Looks like dumbing down your game is the only way to survive in the market.

    I wonder what will get simplified next.

  • GalthramGalthram SPosts: 6Member

    @Emerwyn: I don't really know from where you're getting all your info but:

    1 - Me and my wife played the game this whole weekend and we haven't experienced a single game breaking bug. We did experience some minor bugs like receiving "Obstructed" messages when trying to hit something that wasn't clearly obstructed, wich was solved by repositioning or minor pathfinding bugs withNPCs that were following you getting stuck on terrain, wich could be easily solved by forcing them to follow you out of the piece of tree or whatever that was holding them. You know, stuff that you see in games even years after it's realease. Nothing major. And you really didn't expect a game launch, specially a MMO launch, completely free of bugs right?

    2 - Saturday morning we actually got stuck trying to login for around 5 minutes and there was lag but it was the games launch. We played for a couple of hours and when we loged in during the afternoon we didn't have any problem at all and haven't had any problems since. Haven't experienced much downtime, maybe one or two hours summing all up. And again, this is the launch of a highly hyped MMO, what did you expect? Myself I'd rather have they fix everything as soon as possible, crashing the server without warning for a couple of minutes, than leaving the game full of problems for one or two weeks so they can fix it all in a 24 hour maintenance.

    3 - World PvP? Well, I do like World PvP but when was the last time you saw one that was masterfully executed like Dark Age of Camelot or EvE Online? Sure, WoW has World PvP but it pretty much consists of level 85 players griefing low level players leveling zones. Besides the game's lore is about all the races of Tyria setting their differences aside and banding together to fight the Dragons return. There are no enemy factions in the game. Maybe they could do something where Guild could battle one another just for fun, but them people would complan it's pointless and poorly done and we all know that WOULD happen. So I guess they just rather scrap it and to it in a controlled enviroment (WvW) than just doing for the sake of having it. To be really honest here while you say it's a rollback of 10 years of the MMO genre I'd say it's the companies getting tired of spending a ton of time and resources that could be spent to improve other areas of the game, with something that people chant about but never actually like the results. One HUGE example is the difficulty of Diablo 3, people demanded a ridiculously hard experience and Blizzard gave them, what was the result? People complaining the game is too hard.

    Last time I checked the Auction House was really broken and they 

    4 - Well, that's your opinion and only time will tell, no use on trying to argue about it.

    @RexNebularYou do know that if you talk to NPCs around the Heart Events they'll give you full background about what you have to do, right? You also know that Dynamic Events just don't POP-UP, before NPCs triggering them they'll be in their house talking about the subject and if you have the patience you can see everything unfold from the very beggining? GW2 just give you the OPTION to ignore all that and just do the quest, like 90% of the MMO crowd do anyway.

    Just because the game doesn't have Mana or Stamina doesn't mean there are no resources or skill manegement at all. Just because you don't have to worry about attributes from the get go doesn't mean they won't be important on higher levels. In fact that's how every game should be, easy to play in the beggining and deep at the end.

  • Deto123Deto123 Kelowna, BCPosts: 689Member
    Originally posted by Badaboom
    Originally posted by Johaboha
    This game has 0 features that are 100% original, everything in  this game has been done before.  perhaps some of these features were not as polished in other games, but none the less the foundation was laid well before GW2 announcement.   How can a game that is just a shiny, updated version of the past mmo features out there, change MMOs?

    It is all in one nice package, polished and does what everyone else does a little better.  You know what other game did that ?  WoW. 

    Hmm, I remeber a game that people claimed did that, but they added and more to it. Rift, now Rift is a decent game, but nowhere near WoWs numbers. The only thing I see GW2 doing is keeping players longer is, that it has no sub. Many people, I feel would not touch this game if it had a sub.

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