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already tried to steal account

stromp45stromp45 willamsburg, OHPosts: 158Member Uncommon
Woke up this morning and someone already tried to reset my passward and take my account hehe what they going to get my 4 silver on my gaurdian please this is sad.


  • DeathengerDeathenger atco, NJPosts: 880Member Uncommon

    That sucks, but account security is 100% up to the users. I have never ever had any online account compromised be it a game, forum, email or whatever. Dont download or search pirated software, game cheats or bots and yo wont have any problems plain and simple.

    There are the rare occurances where legit websites and such have been compromised (just one example) but thoes kind of attacks are far and few inbetween. Even in thoes cases its because forum goers used the same login and pass for their game and forum account. So once again, the user should have used a different username/pw combo. Forum database hacking is the most common way to secure username and passwords for games. 99.99% of the time its the users fault PERIOD!

    So tips on how to not get your accounts stolen.

    1. Dont download or search for pirated material

    2. Dont download or search for cheats or bots

    3. Dont use the same username/password combo for multiple accounts

    4. Dont share your accounts

    5. Keep AV/Firewall updated

    Anybody care to name a few more?


  • svannsvann san jose, CAPosts: 1,863Member Uncommon

    You missed the obvious one - have a good password.  At least 8 characters long, numbers and letters, for extra credit use at least 1 capital letter and 1 punctuation character.  

    For accounts that have personal questions "in case you forget your password", dont answer with real data like the real name of your high school.  Make something up and write it down somewhere.

  • SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJPosts: 455Member Uncommon

    Not all account compromise is due to user fault. Companies don't ever want to reveal when it's on their end, cause then they have to be held accountable.

    Case-in-point: Rift. Due to the way their authentication worked, it was possible for savvy people to get to any character they wanted by just knowing the server and character name. So standing around any of the main cities, or talking in world chat made you a target and tons of people, including myself, were logged into and stripped of all money and items. This was obviously remedied, but it wasn't until a smart techy posted on their forums for everyone to see what had happened, without giving the exact method of how to do it. Until that point the game developers had tried everything in their power to put the blame on the players for doing many of the unsafe activities already mentioned on this thread, but they had to admit fault at that point and remedy the situation.

    It is possible that the OP just had a user name that another person mistyped as their own, and since his password didn't work, attempted to reset the password. Happens often with common user names. Hackers don't just try to log in without a solid way to get in, and will specially not try to "reset" passwords, as those transactions are logged and can be traced.

  • thelabmasterthelabmaster None of your dam business, NCPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Also dont your account name as a character name
  • keenberkeenber galwayPosts: 438Member Uncommon
    When they steal your account they not after your coins but they want to use your account for shady stuff like botting/farming or money selling.
  • PalladinPalladin Atlanta, GAPosts: 430Member Uncommon

    the only account theft i ever exp was in wow after signing up for a clan webpage from one of the many "free" clan hosting sites. Ya it had a key logger on it. I wiped my hard drive reinstalled my OS  whent through 9 hells with blizzard to get my account back but it got sorted eventually....funny thing is i had already quite subbing to WOW and used a 30 day free friend pass jsut to stick it to the account hackers.


    And that my friend is the reason you do not use third party webpages.

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