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  My wife and I played WAR from release till about a year and a half into it.  We’ve played WoW, Rift, STO, SWTOR, Eve but really enjoyed the lore and ambiance of WAR.  But with WAR being released too early from development, imbalance issues, and the rapid population decline we found ourselves moving on to other MMOs.  I guess my rambling question is, has anyone heard of any speculation of EA/Bioware selling off WAR to anyone that would care for it properly and get it to where is should be?  And why haven’t I seen any outrage from Games Workshop about their IP being drug through the mud, in my opinion.


  • golembanegolembane Beaverton, ORPosts: 102Member Uncommon

    EA won't be selling off the Warhammer franchise, as they just created WoH. As horrible as they have treated the IP, it does suck that they have it locked down in the way they do. As for GW, it is my understanding that at a Gamesday shortly after WAR's release, they more or less made a public apology for WAR's failures and at this point they seem more content with ignoring it. It isn't the first time that a GW based game came out horrible, so GW appears to be used to it by now.

    At this point, you can get a pretty good idea of how well the game is doing by visiting the official forums and how fast/slow they are, as well as the various complaints. If you are feeling really froggy, you could do the unlimited trial and ask in game how people think. The fact the game went from 55+ NA servers down to 3 world wide should be telling in and of itself.

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