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Im already tired of getting zerged everywere on the map



  • SnarkRitterSnarkRitter TPHCMPosts: 316Member

    heh, it's like the real world, if you encounter a force much larger than your own, you retreat to a choke point and shower them with CC and AOE and when they have been slowed down, send a squad to flank them from behind. That's what we did today and we completely decimated them.

    Remember that unlike other MMORPGs, GW2 combat relies very heavily on positioning.

    And it's not like people can't report the enemy position using chat and vents, so the point of this thread is completely moot.

  • XarnthalXarnthal Landenberg, PAPosts: 130Member
    Originally posted by DrunkWolf
    I really wish they would remove all the icons telling people where others are fighting, me and some friends tried all night to go away from the zerg and do our own thing only to have the other servers zerg track us down because every time we fight that little icon pops up on the map showing everybody in the world that fighting is happening in that spot. It got so bad that we attacked a camp for like 1 min then backed off and watched 50 people show up within a min looking for people to zerg stomp. standing around in a mob of 100 people clicking tab and mashing the aoe button just isnt that fun to me, im sure plenty of fanbois are going to torch this thread but it doesnt matter how you slice it WvW is a giant zerg fest that takes zero skill. im sure plenty of people are having fun and im glad keep at it. at least i can log in when ever and check it out for awhile and not have to pay a monthly fee.  

    If you want instanced PvP than go do instanced PvP. If you can't handle zergs then open world PvP is just not for you.  The joy of true open world PvP games like Darkfall is that there is no such thing as a scripted fight or an even fight. 

    Running around as a gank group attempting to pick of stragglers is no different than running around as a zerg searching for smaller zergs. In fact I would argue it's a hell of a lot harder and more skilled to be able to control a zerg than it is to fight a 2v1 against some unsuspecting enemy running back to his zerg.

    Pretty much everyone unanimously agrees that early DAoC was some of the best group PvP ever created. The best part was the milegate zergs and then the random groups outside it. When ToA and NF came out and killed the population zergs than all you had was the random groups and the PvP really died off. Lesson: The zerg is what keeps the PvP going. New players/Casual players can jump into the zerg and have a blast, while the more veteran players can run around in their group and attempt to not get roflstomped.

    I think people have really forgotten the art of strategic combat. I'm really curious to see how many of the WoW guilds stick around because they're all so hell bent on diving straight into the fight and not backing out until one side or the other loses. No one thinks to back off and flank/regroup. Hopefully people figure out that strategy is more important than brute force soon so the open world PvP can be more interesting. 

    It was very easy to tell who had played previous PvP games(not Arena PvP). They were the ones who when you took a supply camp went to the next objective rather than heading towards Stonemist to see if taking that one Tower got the 40 people with seige defending Stonemist out of the keep. (DAoC, AC, Shadowbane, DF players).


    Also just for the record: Stormbluff Isle had a 6000 point lead when I joined in on Sunday. When I logged off hours later we were in second 1000 points behind Ehmry and 500 points ahead of Darkhaven. It's possible that we're just an even server cluster, but it seems to me like it's very easy to make a push to put your server in the lead.


  • AnthurAnthur StolbergPosts: 798Member Uncommon

    Time is the answer. I agree that GW2 WvW still has issues. But really people, the game is out for 3 days now.

    It needs more time for

    - guilds to organize themselves and set up WvW groups (especially as guilds are bugged currently)

    - to found alliances on servers

    - everyone to get used to WvW

    - people to get comfortable with their class

    - anet to fix bugs

    - anet to improve WvW mechanics.

    Currently WvW is totally overheated. Give it time and it might evolve. Expect everything in a perfect state on day one and you will be dissapointed.

  • PalladinPalladin Atlanta, GAPosts: 430Member Uncommon

    I am guessing that right now pvp is pretty much a rabid DOG frenzy where everyone is fighitng everyeone JUSTBECAUSE. I am sure that in two weeks people will have gotten their fill and things will calm down and more planning and prep will go into it. Thats when people will start doing the events and taking bases and pvp will start working as entended.


    Right now pvp is a mess JUSTBECAUSE.

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