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Game stop prepurchase/ one day head start

Goll25Goll25 bath, PAPosts: 187Member Uncommon

I just have a couple questions about it, 1. does anyone know when it goes live? (12:01 pst-est). and 2.) is how do I register the code to my account? I already have a guild wars 2 account, and can't find out where to enter it + as it appears right now, there is no way to log into the website? 


  • Goll25Goll25 bath, PAPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    I figured out how to add the key, all I had to do was follow the receipt lol. I just thought that is wouldn't work since I already had an account, but seems like it does thankfully! Now I am just wondering if anyone has the time it starts! :D Been waiting for this since I seen the PC Gamer magazine when I was a 9th grader (now a second year college student lol!) So excited.
  • sittinheresittinhere bismarck, NDPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    I was hoping the 1 day head start would open up 3 hours early like the 3 day.  I wished gamestop did a better stop of not doing false advertising since my store still has the pre-purchase now and get the 3 day when apparently my store was only doing it for a week... How awesome!  But if you're on Blackgate. Look me up :)

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