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TSW fancomics

vitamindyvitamindy Quezon CityPosts: 4Member

Hey guys! I'm new to the forums, and I'm not yet sure whether it's okay to share fan art/ fansites. In any case, I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I just wanted to share our fan comics based on The Secret World at (link is also on my forum signature). I hope you enjoy the comic :)

Here's a preview (with slight spoilers):

There's a lot more of it on our site, do give us a visit. :)

Error Quest - Games, Geekery and Goofiness - My webcomic/blog/TSW fansite


  • SevenwindSevenwind Somewhereville, TXPosts: 2,182Member Uncommon

    "There's a free decoder app on the Google Play store." Ohhh had to work that in. :) 

    If you aren't into spoilers that quest will challenge you. Funny comic.

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  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

    I dont get it.  He knows he needs to DECODE the transmission yet acts shocked when the transmission is coded.....

    Someone showed me these and i liked them:



  • vitamindyvitamindy Quezon CityPosts: 4Member
    Thanks for the feedback, guys :) New strips are put up on our site every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm (GMT+8 timezone).

    Error Quest - Games, Geekery and Goofiness - My webcomic/blog/TSW fansite

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