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Sanctuary (SANC) on [Jade Quarry]

GrayhGrayh New York, NYPosts: 123Member

Hi all,

Just wanted to put this out there for those looking to play with a solid, mature and good nature team. Drama instigators need not apply! We are currently gearing up for the launch of GW2 and recruiting for active players of all classes. 


To learn more and apply please visit our recently updated website...



Sanctuary is a group of like-minded members who play various online games together.  We were originally established in Warhammer Online on the Azazel server on September 14th, 2008.  Now our focus is Guild Wars 2 and we are gearing up to play come its release in August 2012 on the Jade Quarry server.  While most of our members  are  based in the Americas, we welcome anyone who feels that they will fit-in with our personality.


Why is the guild named Sanctuary?

As our name implies, Sanctuary the guild was created to be a safe haven, a hide away where one can play video game the way they like it, for fun. Originally, Sanctuary was like our own little club, a place where we could kick back, escape for a few hours and have a blast in good company. However, as we began interacting with other guilds, we found that they did not necessarily operate with a similar mindset. All too often, we found that other guilds forced people to play specific specs and placed harsh restrictions on entrance. In these guilds, the guild leader would often be in vent berating their players poor performance, throwing around obscenities and generally treating members like trash. It is because guilds like that exist that Sanctuary must also exist. There needs to be a place where video games are still played for fun. There must be a place where Sanctuary can still be found.

What are your players like?

The members of Sanctuary come from all over the United States and Canada. This gives us a very diverse and colorful group that we take great pride in. We have college students that should probably get off and study for their exams. We have fathers that are just looking for a few hours rest after putting their kids to sleep. Or sometimes the kids play with their parents. Our members are engineers, archaeologists, IT specialists, lab workers, exterminators, cage fighters...the list goes on and on! Our membership encompasses both the young and the old. Once you get to know us, you will soon realize that we have quite the cast of characters; many of whom you will not soon forget.
However, while these differences in our lives enrich our interaction with one another, we are all here for one reason and one reason alone. We are looking for an atmosphere where the players are mature, respectful, helpful and most of all, there to have fun. We take great pride in this atmosphere that we have painstakingly cultivated. As such, you will not find people who are: confrontational, disrespectful to others, willing to put themselves before the betterment of the team or just an all around douche-bag. We are all around good guys and gals and those are the types of people we open our doors to.

What sort of activities does Sanctuary normally participate in?

Sanctuary was founded prior to the launch of Warhammer Online with many of the founding members coming over from various DAoC guilds. As such, we have a great fondness for PvP game play, especially open field combat (WvW). However, the majority of our members also enjoy PvE and run dungeon content on a weekly basis. A few of our members are also very much into crafting and world exploration. Overall, our guild is extremely balanced in our content. This balance fits nicely into our semi-casual playstyle.

You often describe yourselves as semi-casual. What does that mean?

“Semi-Casual” is the phrase we came up with to describe our unique play style. Our members have very busy lives going on outside of the game. Therefore, you will not find us organizing 40 man raids or elite PvP teams that meet every day at X time. Luckily, we have a great alliance for those activities. Instead, we will log on and often pick an activity for that evening (or planned in earlier in the week). We still want to progress through content, but at our own pace. We are not here to just goof off and get nothing done. Taking all this into account, we figured semi-casual defined this best.

Are part of an alliance?

Yes, we are allies with our old friends, Strength in Numbers. This alliance is mutually beneficial and allows our guilds to accomplish things the the two individual guilds could not complete alone.

We are always willing to work with other guilds for victory in WvW. As such, we will expand or join new alliances as we see fit for the betterment of our server.


Do you have any rules or requirements?

Really, our only rule is that we do not tolerate cheaters or people exploiting the game in any way, shape or form. Beyond that, we have no written rules. We do not even have a minimum age requirement. All that we require is that you are mature and respectful (this includes to other members and how you represent yourself to the rest of the server). Finally, it is just common courtesy to show up on time to guild or alliance events you had signed up for before hand.

While not a must, we encourage our members to use vent and our forums. We feel that these help build a strong and lasting community.

One should also note that in order to keep our roster clean, we purge inactive members monthly. If you will be gone longer than a month, please let us know ahead of time.






  • GrayhGrayh New York, NYPosts: 123Member
    Sanctuary has chosen Jade Quarry as our server for launch.   We are still recruiting laid back and mature players for our community.  If you are interested please check out for more information.
  • GrayhGrayh New York, NYPosts: 123Member
    We are now created on the Jade Quarry Server along with our sister/alliance guild.
  • GrayhGrayh New York, NYPosts: 123Member


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